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6 Ways a Zendesk ITSM Integration With your ITAM software Will Benefit Your Business

6 Ways a Zendesk ITSM Integration With your ITAM software Will Benefit Your Business

IT infrastructure powers the daily operations and processes of most modern businesses. It also paves the way for further innovation and operational efficiency and therefore it is critical to optimize technology investments. One way to do that is by integrating your IT asset management (ITAM) software with Zendesk.

With this integration, you can have your real-time knowledge base, ticketing system, and ITSM all on a single platform.

Zendesk ITSM and AssetSonar ITAM — Stronger together

When systems are not connected to each other, their data resides in silos and cannot be fully utilized for strategic decision-making. A report by Certero shows that SAM and ITSM managers spend approximately 70% of their time trying to simply access data from different systems for management reporting.

Unifying these disparate subsystems to function together delivers exceptional results and greater business value. By integrating Zendesk ITSM with your ITAM tool, you will be able to track your IT assets, manage their contractual aspects, and oversee the delivery services related to those assets.

ITAM tools, customer delivery tools, and ITSM systems approach their roles from unique perspectives. While your ITAM software tracks the lifecycle of your hardware and software assets and takes a cost-oriented approach, tools like Zendesk ITSM take a customer service and operational delivery-oriented approach.

While both these platforms play their own roles in delivering operational excellence within an organization, an integration between your ITAM software and Zendesk ITSM can help you fully and effectively utilize both to their full potential.

In this article, we will discuss in detail how Zendesk features can enhance the capabilities of your ITAM software and how you can leverage its power for better service delivery and customer satisfaction.

1. Exceptional support services

It is critical for service desk professionals to have all hardware and software data available in real-time so they can easily troubleshoot incidents and problems.

With Zendesk ITSM connected to your ITAM software, this problem can easily be solved. Likewise, problems with end-user machines can also be solved quickly.

Your support operatives will have all the relevant information about installed software, their lifespan, maintenance schedules for hardware, and other such attributes.

With Zendesk ITSM, the support professionals also get the flexibility to communicate with the end-users over various channels as the software enables communication over voice, chat, and online messages.

2. Assisted decision making

Assisted decision making

An integration between your ITAM and service desk tool can expedite your decision-making process and help with strategic business decisions.

ITAM and ITSM solutions are instrumental in providing your organization with real-time data about your IT investments, services, incident management, and other information needed to make decisions for lower overheads and higher efficiency.

This real-time information on your IT infrastructure and delivery can help you make data-driven decisions that are accurate. Your ITAM tool and Zendesk ITSM together can support the decisions you take regarding costs, growth strategies, technology investments, and business forecasting.

By fully integrating your ITAM data with the Zendesk service desk, you can help reduce the time lost and unnecessary expenditures related to incident management.

3. Improved productivity

Many organizations find it challenging to oversee incident management, change management, and ticketing systems all at once. If your support team is handling all of these processes at the same time, then there can be a decline in productivity.

Therefore, it is important to automate as many processes as possible. With such integration as Zendesk ITSM and ITAM tool, help desk tasks can mostly be automated via texts and knowledge base availability. This means that there can be automated responses to the most commonly occurring issues and detailed information available in the knowledge base.

The end users can help themselves through self-service portals so the support professionals can spend more time on incident management issues and eventually enhance productivity.

4. Consolidated knowledge base

Consolidated knowledge base

Bringing together the hardware and software information from the ITAM tool and the tribal knowledge of the entire organization in the Zendesk knowledge base enables you to bring all the information together on a single, unified platform.

You can use this information to track the location, warranties, licensing data, or lifetime information about your assets. You can also use it as a FAQ tool, support agent, and organizational internal knowledge base. This can help you find patterns, common troubleshooting problems, and their solutions and hence improve the knowledge base on the whole.

5. Traceable data usage

Wherever there is a lot of software inventory data in an IT environment, the need for a service desk becomes inevitable. Zendesk ITSM integration within such a complex IT infrastructure eases up the traceability of software usage data and gives the IT professionals complete visibility into this information.

They can actually see which applications are being deployed, how they are being used, and what are the common issues that occur with their usage. This allows them to take a proactive approach to incident management as well.

It is important that software usage data is not only tracked but is shared across different databases so both service desk and ITAM software goals are met. Not only that, but with this useful integration, the IT asset data — whether it is software or hardware related can be accessed directly through Zendesk.

6. Efficient deployment of IT assets

Efficient deployment of IT assets

With Zendesk in place, your employees will be able to place requests through self-service portals.

Those requests can be processed and tracked through ITAM software and if the request is approved, it will be the service desk’s job to ensure that the right hardware or software asset is deployed to the employee’s system.

The ITAM tool will not only be able to track the software but will also track its deployment and licensing from then onwards.

When the ITAM tool is working with your Zendesk ITSM, then your service desk professionals get all the real-time information on hardware and software inventory, they know which assets are in stock, which licenses are up for renewals, which tickets are to be approved, and so on.

Integrating these two tools demonstrates the true power of data and gives your organization a strong foundation to build its structure.

With this integration, you will have real-time data to find faster and more accurate solutions to incidents, empower yourself with a proactive approach and get detailed reports and visibility on the state of all the assets in an organization.

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