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AssetSonar Release Notes March 2022


The AssetSonar team is committed to offering seamless and secure IT asset management to its valued customers. We’re kicking off the new year with some exciting features and product enhancements.

The new Contracts module makes managing contracts easier, faster, and more efficient than before. You can also set alerts for proactive employee offboarding, carry out seamless ITSM workflows and get detailed insights with Jira actions and issue reports, auto-assign imported devices to Groups, and streamline ITAM workflows with the recent feature enhancements.

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  1. Contract Management

The Contracts module offers a central location for storing your contract data related to IT Assets, Software Licenses, Purchase and Work Orders, and more. Maintain a single source of truth for all your contracts and get alerts for important events such as upcoming warranty or license expiration.

2. Employee Offboarding

Set up notifications for upcoming employee exit dates to ensure smooth employee offboarding, robust security compliance, and cost savings. Proactively check in all assigned devices and licenses, plus resolve associated tickets, issues, and services before your employee(s) leave the organization.

3. Direct Actions in Jira

The latest enhancements to AssetSonar’s Jira interaction enable you to speed up issue resolution and increase Agent productivity with a better user experience. Expedite your ITSM workflows such as employee onboarding/offboarding, devices requests, and break fixes by easily taking actions on Asset and Asset Stock items directly from within the Jira app, eliminating the need to continuously switch between the two applications.

4. Jira Issue Reports

Run comprehensive reports about IT Assets and other items that are linked to your Jira issues. Equip your Agents with contextual visibility and actionable insights so they can track service management progress and improve key performance metrics, including total complaints received regarding devices procured by different vendors.

5. Auto-assign Devices to Groups

The new Assignment Rules feature automates the classification of imported devices into relevant Groups, offering far more detailed visibility into your IT landscape. Get granular insights, simplify procurement and onboarding, and easily enforce personalized access control with Groups.

6. Age of Assets

Once Assets have been added to the application, AssetSonar keeps an updated record of their age based on their respective Purchase Dates. Run filtered Custom Reports to regularly scan your Asset repository for items that are nearing the end of their useful lives and timely retire them to prevent costly break-fixes by vendors.

7. Feature enhancements

We’re constantly developing our ITAM solution to offer you the best in the market. Expedite employee onboarding and device requests with Auto Checkout enhancements, import user data from selected domains using our Google Workspace Directory integration, run a filtered search for targeted insights into software and license usage, and easily import and export software and domain information using the AssetSonar application.

What’s Next?

We also have some exciting features lined up for you in the upcoming quarter.

1. Configuration Management Database

With Configuration Management Database (CMDB), you’ll be able to track and visualize the logical relationships and operational links between Items and all other modules in AssetSonar. It’ll allow you to conduct root cause analyses in case of problems and assess impact with respect to changes and initiatives made in the IT environment of your company.

2. Software Suites

The Software Suite functionality will allow you to By allocating default Assignees to tickets that are created in response to specific ServiceDesk alerts, AssetSonar will help automate and accelerate ticket processing and issue resolution within your Zendesk or Jira service desk.

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