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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZOfficeInventory Blogs Benefits Of It Asset Management A Good Idea For Businesses

Benefits of IT Asset Management – A good idea for businesses


IT Asset Management (ITAM) systems now have become a ‘must’, not ‘nice to have’. Asset management is no more an option for IT teams and businesses. But is your IT Asset Management tool keeping up with the technological changes, complexity towards licensing, requests for audits and above all the increased pressure for financial transparency?

Previously, we discussed IT Asset Management best practices and methodology but now the question is – How do you know if the ITAM solution you are using in your organization is the perfect fit for your business? That is what we will cover in this blog – the ITAM benefits that guarantee you are using the right solution.

Benefits you gain from IT Asset Management

All businesses have a collection of assets that they need to maintain and with the right solution in place you can gain more detailed control over your assets and greater return on your investment with the following benefits:

Benefit of IT Asset Management

Better IT Inventory Control: Carrying out an effective asset management practice means you can benefit from deeper visibility into your assets and inventory. This way traceability of assets across your organization gives you improved administration and accountability. You can also identify whether an employee has any unauthorized IT device on their workstation or carrying a non-compliant asset.
Organized Collaboration between Employees: With a proper asset tracking software, managing check in/outs, employee assignments, asset reservations and more is a breeze. Collaboration becomes easy between employees of different departments, enabling a business to reduce unnecessary asset purchases.

Benefit of ITAM

Reduced Equipment Downtime: What greatly impacts productivity is unplanned equipment downtime. Data collection on repair history and tracking trends can help your managers identify the most critical assets. This way you can eradicate unnecessary maintenance & support costs, and optimize usage of existing assets. It maximizes ROI on your IT devices.
Reduced time and cost: With an efficient ITAM tool, automate your time-consuming manual processes for high scale business operations like asset assignments and requests, reservation approvals, distribution, and maintenance. Eventually, it reduces the costs like service and maintenance costs. Also, you get real-time updates on equipment.

Benefits of ITAM

Lower instances of theft or asset/equipment misplacement: An Asset tracking software/solution enables regular recording of asset assignments. This way you will be able to locate any missing asset that was not reported or checked back in by the user. You can then gather details on which assets were lost, damaged or are a business liability.
Avoid costly license & non-compliance fines: Efficient asset management tools enable an organization to avoid costly fines, expensive lawsuits, or any damage to its reputation and balance sheet. It also eliminates lease penalties.

IT Asset Management

Reduced IT support: A complete ITAM solution brings greater efficiency and increased productivity to your IT service management initiatives. Redeploy key personnel and delegate resources properly to enable increased service desk productivity across your organization.
Higher Scalability: Say, your staff members have increased from last year e.g. from 50 to 200; how will you assign them assets/tasks or how will you manage seasonal staff? In such scenarios, asset management solutions work wonders.

Selecting a tool for your IT Asset Management

The goal of any robust system is to maximize your asset control efficiency and minimize your equipment loss. Organizations that choose EZOfficeInventory to manage all their IT Devices are future proofing their investment.

Every year, SaaS solutions such as EZOfficeInventory continue to prove their superiority over legacy, on-premise based solutions, leading towards more and more organizations/businesses to subscribe to cloud-based applications.

In addition, EZOfficeInventory is not limited to physical inventory. It can even be used to manage software license agreements, which helps businesses/organizations avoid facing accidental fines or legal repercussions. As businesses continue to grow, so do the number of assets and software licenses needed.

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Using EZOfficeInventory for IT Asset Management – What do you achieve from it?

EZOfficeInventory extends the value of businesses to drive down IT costs, reduce security & compliance risks, increase service management efficiency and gain control over inventory. Following are some of the highlighted benefits of using EZOfficeInventory for Asset Management:

Bring clarity and accuracy to your inventory management with EZOfficeInventory. Ensure up to date information on active assets, their assignments, and their particulars. Don’t let your ITAM be an obscure science.

Enable your employees to hit the road whenever an asset is assigned to them. Details of each asset in inventory are accessible from anywhere anytime. Also, track specifics and particulars via custom fields while ensuring any information pertinent to your IT asset is easily searchable and updateable.

Ease of Use
Usability is a cornerstone of EZOfficeInventory. Keep your IT asset tags as your QRCodes and have asset details at your fingertips just by scanning those QRCodes via a smartphone.

Be sure about all inventory/assets accounted for. Have the ability to track assets for compliance purposes through the use of specific states/actions on an asset. Getting more than just achieving compliance is a peace of mind itself from using EZOfficeInventory!

Empower your employees. Shared assets can be utilized more effectively through collaborative feedback and insights. Moreover, employees can provide helpful insights into subject matter related to asset management. This includes references to product safety, skills development, and other knowledge base materials that are updatable and referenceable by employees.

Simple to use rich features
EZOfficeInventory comes with dozens of features and add-ons for efficient asset management.

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