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[What-Is] B2B Customer Management in EZRentOut

B2B Customer Management in EZRentOut

If you are renting and selling to businesses you know they can drive revenue but demand superior service. Improve your ability to manage these high value customers with Business to Business Customer Management. 

Developed in response to customer needs, B2B Customer Management provides full visibility into your valuable business customers, while enabling exceptional service.

This powerful feature will help streamline your processes and improve efficiency by creating a company-level account so you can manage all business information from a single source. 

Ready for easier, faster, and more efficient business customer management? Let’s get  started: 

Getting started with B2B Customer Management

Please go to Settings -> AddOns -> B2B Module and click Enabled

Please note that you may easily disable this module and return to your previous view at any point. However, you will not be able to disable it unless you have cleaned up the business data and information you had created while using this module. 

Go to the Customers tab on the side navigation bar and select “Businesses.” 

From here you can mass “Import Businesses” into the system via an Excel sheet or create a new business by clicking the “Add Business” button.  

Clicking on the “Add Business” button will open a new page. Add all the required information and click Done. 

Here is what the Business Details page will look like: 

Add Contacts to the Business Customer account

Now that you have created a Business, you need to add Business Contacts. 

Add a Primary Contact Person

This starts with setting a Primary Contact Person on the Core Information form. Select one from existing Business Contacts,  available via a dropdown menu as shown below. 

The Primary Contact Person will be sent an email with an invite link that requests them to set up password credentials for access to the Customer Portal and Webstore. Once set up, the Primary Contact can access all Orders linked to the Business and receive all Alerts. 

2.1(a) Scroll further down this form and you can also provide Secondary Email Addresses. This email address belongs to an alternative Business Contact who can receive Alerts chosen from the drop-down menu as shown below.  

Create a New Business instantly when Creating a Business Contact

Additionally, you can instantly “Create a New Business” in “Create a Business Contact” if the Business associated with that Business Contact isn’t added previously. 

Go to Customers Add Person Add Business Contact

Select the “Create a new business” button.

Name the New Business.

Name a New Business in Create a New Business

It will appear selected in the Business field. You can further edit the Business Contact details as mentioned in this blog. 

Select Business in Create a Business Contact

Add Associated Contacts and define their roles

Next you can add multiple employees associated with different departments in your customer’s business. 

Click on the Associated Contacts tab on the Business Details page    Add Contact. 

This will open up the following overlay.

Here you can select the Contact’s Department and define whether they are a Shipping, Billing, or Shipping & Billing Contact Type. 

Note: When you create a new Contact, click the “Enable contact to login” option if you would like them to access the Customer Portal and Webstore. Enabling the login for this user will generate  an email invite similar to the one generated for the Primary Contact Person. 

Set a Payment Term for Business Contacts

You can also set up an individual Payment Term for Business Contacts. Click on the Select Payment Term option and select from the options available in the dropdown menu. 

Once you’ve added a Payment Term, it’ll be shown on the Contact’s detail page. 

View Business Contacts

There are two ways to view Business Contacts. 

  1. You can see the ones associated with a particular business from the Associated Contacts tab on the Business Details page. 

2.  You can also view a list of all Business Contacts. From the side navigation bar go to Customers    Business Contacts. 

This will open up a list of all the Business Contacts in your system. 

Link existing Contacts to a Business

You can also link any existing Business Contacts to a Business by choosing the “Add Existing Contact” option. 

Add Shipping and Billing Addresses

A business operating from multiple locations can have multiple shipping and billing addresses. With B2B Customer Management, you can seamlessly manage these.  

Add Addresses by going to the Business Details page  Address Book Add New Address. 

This will pop up an overlay where you can add a new address.

Types of Addresses

Here you can select whether an address is a Shipping Address, Billing Address, or other, from a dropdown menu. 

Fill in the details and hit “Create the Address.” 

Assign Business Contacts to Business Addresses

Once you have created the Address, you can assign a Business Contact to it. 

This is how an associated Address will appear on the Business Contacts listing page.  

You can also create Business Addresses by going to the side panel  Locations  Addresses    Add Address.

Track Orders and rented out Assets [to a Shipping Address]

The Shipping Address Details page shows all Orders and Assets that are associated to that particular address. 

Clicking on the Orders tab will show all related Orders.

The Assets rented out in these Orders will be shown if you click on the Assets tab. 

Set up credit cards for payments

To add a new credit card for a Business, go to Payment & Billing and click Add New Card. An overlay will appear where you can enter the card details.  

You can select Authorized Contacts who can use the card from the dropdown menu as shown below. 

To allow more specific access, select Specific Billing Contact. This way only the specified Contact will be able to access this credit card. 

Set Business-level Pricing

Go to the Related Items Pricing tab on the Business Details pages to flexibly set Pricing for your Business Customers. Click on Add Item Pricing. 

An overlay appears where you can set Hourly, Weekly, and Daily Pricing and even apply a late fee for an Item. 

Create an Order for Businesses directly from the Orders page

To create a Business Order right from the Orders page, go to Order    “Add Order.” An overlay appears where you can select a Business, or a Business Contact person from the dropdown menu. 

If you select Business, the Order will be created for a Business (with Primary Contact identified in parenthesis). 

Conversely if you choose Business Contact, the Order will be created for a Contact (with Business identified in parenthesis). 

Note: A Business without a Primary Contact Person cannot be searched while creating an Order.

Billing and Shipping Contacts will be automatically assigned from the Associated Business Contacts. 

You can view all Orders created for a particular business via the Orders tab on  the Business Details page. 

Business accounts on the Webstore

You can also create a Business account on the Webstore. If a Business Contact is linked to multiple Businesses, they can select their required Business from the bottom left corner of the main Webstore page. 

The business contacts can also add new business directly from the Webstore. Click on “Add a New Business” and fill in the details as shown below: 

The Primary Contact Person of a Business can view all Orders on Webstore while Shipping and Billing Contacts can only see the Orders assigned to them  As they check out their order on the Webstore, they can edit and change Shipping and Billing Addresses. They can also choose between different credit cards available to them for payments. 

Printout Template Elements for Business Customers

We have introduced new Elements to the Order Printout Templates for Businesses. Go to Printout Templates  Order    New Printout Template and look for these Elements from the “Add” option. 

Custom Reports for Businesses

There are new columns Custom Reports, designed specifically for Business customers. From the side navigation bar, Reports Create Custom Report. Select the Businesses Module in Step 1 and choose from these options.

You can also select Business Contacts as a module during Step 1 of creating a report. For example, you can run a report on business contacts and see how many businesses they are associated with. Select business contacts in Step 2, Add Business Name in Step 3 & 4, and run your report. 

B2B Customer Management Dashboard KPIs 

You can also view two new Dashboard KPIs related to Business Customers. Go to the Dashboard — Add/Edit Widgets. 

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EZRentOut is a cloud-based rental asset tracking software. EZRentOut offers companies in numerous industries seamless rental management along with a host of other features. These include asset tracking, maintenance management, customized webstore, and much more. 

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