Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management



All the tools you need to grow your rental business from a single platform.

Order and Invoicing

B2B Customer Management

Renting to Businesses? B2B Customer Management provides visibility into your most valuable customers, enabling exceptional service and driving revenue growth. Create a single profile and hierarchy to easily manage company level business accounts and consolidate all relevant information such as multiple points of contacts, shipping/billing addresses, multiple payment methods and business level pricing.

Availability Based Ordering

Having the right items available at the right time for an order is crucial when you’re running a rental business. We make sure that you’re putting together an order without any scheduling or availability conflicts.

Customer Management

Keep a record of all your customers at a single place, using EZRentOut. Walk in customers can be added on the fly and you can choose to record as much information as you require. The best part is that you can interact with the customers from within your EZRentOut account, which saves the hassle of tiresome coordination.

Invoice Designer

Invoice designs vary from business to business. Moreover, you may need different designs for particular files, departments or customers. The Invoice Designer enables you to create as many invoice templates as you like.

Order Verification

This yet another feature to help you get every order right. When renting out Order Verification can serve as a checklist to ensure that all items are physically present. Similarly when returning an order, it comes in handy to warrant that all items are physically returned and none are lost.

Bookings and Reservations

When you’re dealing with a relatively large pile of orders, bookings are inevitable. You’d want to reserve items to make sure they’re available for a customer when needed. EZRentOut helps you pen down conflict free reservations so that you have the order complete when you need to rent it out. EZRentOut helps you with the upcoming bookings through email alerts and adding the order on a calendar.

Order Tracking

Order tracking is a core feature of EZRentOut. Every order’s state is tracked as it gets drafted, booked, rented out, returned etc. The dashboard calendar helps you visualize when an order is due back or has a booking. The design helps optimize operations by supporting quick editing. The immediate feedback on what’s available helps you draft the perfect order.

Mobile Apps

EZRentOut app is available for android devices, iPhones and iPads in addition to being accessible from any mobile device with a browser. This means that you can take EZRentOut wherever you want, whenever you want. All the changes are automatically synced across all your devices so that you always have the most recent picture. Barcode and QR Code scanning is baked right in, saving you cost and rigidity of specialized scanning devices.

Invoice Management

You can generate an invoice against an order at any point in time. The invoice design is customizable so that you can set up invoices as you like. Your customers can also see these invoices when they log into their EZRentOut customer portal. You can also send the invoice to a customer directly from the order details.

Rental Rules

EZRentOut comes with a full fledged rules engine. Define rules for seasonal pricing, equipment group, customer category etc for price adjustments. A rule automatically kicks in for an order when the right conditions are met.

Coupons and Rules

Promotional codes and coupons can be used in order. You can manually add a coupon by simply typing in the unique coupon code. Or set up a rule that automatically applies the coupon where applicable. Apart from discount coupons, ‘extra charge’ coupons are also supported to handle penalties.

Tracking Order Expenses

Maintain an overview of expenses against each order. Avail a list of all the costs incurred in preparing and dispatching the order.

Custom Fields

We understand your business is unique and so is the need for tracking orders, customers, assets and inventory. To make EZRentOut adapt to your needs, we offer custom fields for orders, customers and items that include text, numeric, date, multi-select and email alert types.

Recurring Orders and Leasing

Set up recurrences and auto generate invoices as per the desired billing period. Comes in handy in leasing e.g. an RV leased out for 6 weeks with weekly payments. Special views for recurrences enables to track a single order instead of getting bogged down with dozens of invoices.

Line Item Damages

Charge customers for any damages on an item level. Specify the reason for the damage, the number of items damaged in case of Asset Stock and the amount you want to charge.

Consolidated Invoicing

Generate consolidated printouts for customers with complete details for all orders in a set duration. Utilize this customer statement to remind the customer of outstanding invoices and their account activity.

Sub Renting

Sub Renting is an important aspect of a mid-sized rental businesses. The sub renting feature enables you to efficiently manage sub-rented items in orders. This can come in handy when you’re borrowing items from partners and renting them to your customers.

Label Designer

Create professional looking labels of different sizes, styles and formats using the label designer. Asset details and other relevant information can be placed on the labels. Both Barcodes and QR Codes are supported in the designer.

Payment Tracking

EZRentOut tracks all payments and credit card transactions with complete history. Allow multiple payments against a single order and log all of them in detail. Filters and order listing make it easy to sift through the orders for which payments are pending. Different departments within a business can have their own payment method.

Complete POS Solution

Use our fully-functional POS solution for swift check-in/checkouts every time. Quickly add items to orders by scanning labels with our mobile app or handheld barcode scanners. You can also capture signatures seamlessly with our topaz integration and enable smooth payments via Square or credit cards.

Cash Or Accrual Accounting

Set up an accounting basis best suited to your company structure for consistent growth. Gain insight into your company’s cash flow and streamline your bookkeeping process.

No Charge Days

You can select the days for which you would like rent to be charged, and make the rest ‘No Charge Days’. This makes billing more convenient for businesses that do not operate 7 days a week.

Settling Security Deposits

Recoup lost rental income from customer deposits. Settle security deposit payments against rented out orders efficiently.

Late Fee

Users can apply late fee charges to items not returned by their expected date of return. This encourages customers to return items on time, helping you avoid uncertainties. These late charges can also be synced on our integrated accounting platforms like Quickbooks Desktop, Quickbooks Online and Xero.

Comments and Coordination

You can add your notes and comments with orders, customers and items. It’s a great way to keep a log of what’s happening and coordination within team. These comments can also be entered when you take actions e.g. running maintenance, receiving payments and charging damages etc.


Files can be uploaded to orders, customers, assets and inventory. These can be PDFs, word documents, excel sheets or any other file that you need to associate with a record. Your rental contracts, lease agreements, user manual of equipment, etc. can be accessed with ease when needed.

Tax Accounting

Taxes can be a hassle if you’ve not been keeping your books regularly. EZRentOut records the taxes with every order. Tax settings are flexible; choose tax names, rates and how they apply to an invoice. You can have as many different tax rates and types as you like. EZRentOut also supports tax free order line items.

Location Proximity Based Ordering

We record postal address for customers. We also record locations where your equipment is. But we don’t stop there. You can add items to an order, based on proximity from a customer. For example, when placing an order for Emily, you can choose to only add items that are within 10 miles distance from her.

Payment Terms

Our Net30/Net60 features give you greater managerial control over the payment details of an order. They allow you to set and edit the date on which a payment will be due from your customer, and sets up a warning alert for payments that are past their due date.

Route Management

Need to drop rental equipment off at your stores or warehouses? With the Route Management feature, you can map out order deliveries for quick and efficient drop offs, every time!

Line Items Discounts/Charge

Offer discounts with more flexibility. Apply individual discounts on each item with Item-Level Discounts instead of giving a flat discount on the entire order.

Customer Level Pricing

Flat rate pricing for rental customers may turn out to be restrictive. Customize pricing for your customers by setting personalized rates on an item level.

Item Level Tax

Flexibility on applying taxes on individual assets and items as opposed to order level taxes.

Assets and Inventory

Asset Management

EZRentOut comes with an extensive asset tracking module. The complete life cycle of every asset is logged. With EZRentOut, you are always up-to-date as to when an asset was added, where has it been and how has it been used. Maximize ROI by efficiently tracking and managing each equipment item.

Inventory Management

EZRentOut also supports full management of items that you sell. Track inventory stocks by location with alerts for low stock. Get insights into stock consumption and replenishments. You can rent and sell items in a single order.

Bundles & Promotions

Bundles are perfect to package items together that are usually rented out together. These can also be a popular combination that people rent out. For example, a pair of skis, boots, head gear and 2 poles. You can also add a promotional discount to bundles.

Purchase Orders

Keep track of Purchase Orders alongside your assets. It helps you easily define the types, quantities, and agreed prices for items you need and sell. The Procurement Module ensures that orders are processed quickly by creating linkages between items and vendors. You can now have greater control over your dealings with suppliers - print invoices to send on to vendors, add custom data to them, and watch items be updated as soon as they’re read as received on the system!

Groups and Subgroups

Classify your assets and inventories in groups and subgroups for clarity and ease of use. You can also define custom fields based on groups. Groups prove useful across the application; reports, filters on items tables, availability calendar and advanced options to add items to an order.

Asset Stock

You can track equipment as individual pieces or track them in bulk stocks. For example, you may want to track your Forklift Trucks individually (Truck 1, 2 and 3) but for chairs you might want to track only a bulk quantity (30 chairs). EZRentOut does both. You’re not going to find such robust equipment management in any other rental software.

Custom Low Stock Alerts Page

Tailor the Low Stock Alert Page as per your requirements. Track vendors responsible for restocking particular items.

Location Barcode Management

Enable efficient tracking of different locations. Keep up with complex location labeling practices. Save up on time and track the assets you need by scanning location IDs.


Manage vendors for procurement and servicing through reports and insights on value provided to your organization. Vendors who provide maintenance services can also be tracked for all their maintenance work, durations and costs.

Image Library

All images and documents in an account are part of a central Document Library. You can upload images and documents in bulk here, and then associate them to an item, order or customer. If you’re handling a few hundred images and documents, having them at a central location in an organized way is a great help.

Services and Maintenance

Timely maintenance saves time & money and increases the operational efficiency of an organization. The Service Module allows you to offer maintenance as a service to both internal and external customers and track maintenance costs of assets over their lifetime through efficient work order management.

GPS Location

Each scan of an item’s label (barcode or QR Code) is tracked with details including geo-location, IP address and other useful information. An interactive map in the Scan Report shows geo-location of asset scans, allowing for quick identification including those misplaced or lost.

Location Tracking

Other than GPS coordinates on scans, manage meta locations of assets and inventory items using the locations feature. Link items to their office, warehouse or field locations and track their flow. You can also visualize your equipment across different location on an interactive map.

Availability Calendar

The availability calendar visualizes necessary information so you can make quick decisions, while confirming bookings, renting out or making procurement decisions. At a single glance you can see which items are available and in what quantities. The calendar also supports searching for items and ability to take quick actions on them.

Dashboard and Reporting

Reports & Analytics

Analytics help you shape better decisions and strategize effectively. Get insights into customers preferences, get staff performance reports to manage your employees, manage equipment usage, and predict future trends. With a handful of filters, you can easily make sense of large amounts of data. Growth graphs are also part of the package to show how you’re performing.

Custom Reports

If our extensive array of reports is not sufficient for your needs, you can create a report that meets your needs using the Custom Report tool. We’re also open to adding new reports based on common needs of our customers.

Excel Import & Export

Upload existing information via excel files directly into EZRentOut. The import tool features a dynamic mapping wizard that makes importing data a breeze. Custom fields are also supported during import. The import tool supports Assets, Inventory, Users, Customers, Locations, Groups, and Vendors. Similarly, all your EZRentOut data can be exported to excel.

Notification and Alerts

Never miss taking an action that pertains to important business events. Specify actions that generate emails to manage alerts. You can also switch to daily alerts digest if the emails become too frequent.

Data Backups

If you require snapshots of your data in EZRentOut to be available in your private cloud, perhaps for offline usage, then this is the feature for you. We currently support Dropbox and can add others based on the number of requests we receive. The data is exported in CSV format in regular intervals.

History Trail of your Data

Keep track of how your orders, customers, assets and inventory evolve. Know which stock has a high turnover and which asset got under utilized. Have a detailed history trail of checkin/out, order life cycle, stock change, services, custom fields and more.

Integrated Email

Manage customer queries seamlessly from the Order Detail Page. This makes updating rental Orders based on customer feedback a lot quicker.

Advanced Dashboard

Closely track key metrics through a snapshot view of all asset-related activities. Discern what needs to be tended to instantly and monitor business progress at all times.

Staff Performance

It’s important to measure how your staff is doing so that they can improve based on these numbers. We calculate how much revenue an individual staff brought in or how many orders they closed. You can also run these analytics for different time durations to compare performances and identify trends.

Revenue Tracking

EZRentOut gives you numbers on how well your business is doing. You see the worth of orders closed (by days, weeks or month) right on the dashboard. There are specialized reports for you to gauge your performance and compare it overtime.

Customized Views

Define what you want to see and how you want to see it. You can use data grid view for detailed listing and thumbnail view for visuals. You can also specify data points that need to be listed in these views.

Compact View

You can dive in deep or zoom out depending on your data visualization needs. The compact view on items combines similar items together so that you can see the available counts at a glance. The order details can also be summarized with a single click.


Online Rental Store

Showcase your rental equipment and tools on the web with the Online Rental Store. The layout is completely configurable; set up photo banners to illustrate what you do or customize what information to show. You can even use your own URL to better advertise your business. Your customers can book orders and pay for them online using their Credit Card.


This allows the management of departments, multiple stores, and divisions from a single EZRentOut account. Keeping a single account enables aggregate reporting and a single consistent setting across all departments and stores.

Customer Portal

Your customers can use a portal to view their orders and also see a list of items as per your company settings. They can also pay online for their orders using a Credit Card. Customer Portal has also been integrated with the Webstore to allow customers to place orders and browse through your rental equipment catalog.

Webstore Plugin

Link your EZRentOut items and Bundles with your online store and add our Webstore’s functionality to it to ensure brand consistency. Publish your rental and sale items online with high-quality pictures to showcase your products. Customize catalog to show preferred data points and authorize online payments for customers via Credit Card or PayPal.

Payment Ability on the Webstore

Pay special attention to your invoicing practices and keep track of payments. Get access to greater managerial control over the payment specifications of orders, set and edit due date for customer payments and warning alerts for overdue payments.

Item Recommendation

This feature uses artificial intelligence to highlight rental assets that are normally rented out together. This helps you give tailored recommendations to customers, leading to more items rented out and greater profits.

Customized URL

Would you rather use your company’s name in the QR Code URLs and the website where employees and customers go to? The Company URL feature allows for you to use any subdomain of your company as a URL for your EZRentOut account as well as the Online Rental Store.

User Management

Login with Google/Windows ID

Tired of memorizing usernames and passwords. You don’t have to. Sign into EZRentOut using your Google or credentials. You can also choose to have a separate EZRentOut login ID and credentials. You can choose which login option you’d like to have for your staff and customers.

LDAP on Azure AD Domain Services

A cloud-connected, seamless authentication experience designed to centralize identity management. Keep track of suspicious activities and enable password management to streamline IT processes.

Different Types of Users

Assign different roles, and set visibility and access permissions for different types of users/members in your rental database.

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