Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

Medical Equipment Rental Software

Offer Prompt Assistance with Powerful Medical Equipment Rental Software

Focus on patients front and center with efficient mobility and DME tracking and maintenance
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Medical Equipment Rental Software

Managing your medical equipment rentals made easier

Organize, automate, and track medical equipment rental operations to stay patient-ready

Build trust in patient-business relationships with seamless order management

Accept online bookings with frictionless payment integrations and automated billing

Enhance operational efficiency of your medical equipment rentals to save time and money

We Simplify Mobility and Durable Medical Equipment Rentals for You

A holistic medical equipment rental software that improves patient service, enhances profitability, and simplifies patient-partner interactions

Medical Equipment Webstore

Enable patients/partners to quickly browse, select, and book medical equipment on your webstore, for smoother orders and fulfillment

Optimized Payment & Invoicing

Receive and invoice payments online via top payment and accounting integration, and simplify with one-time or recurring workflows

Customizable Reporting

Make data-driven business decisions by tracking and analyzing key metrics and trends visible in pre-existing and customizable reports

Real-Time Location Tracking

Keep track of medical equipment with GPS integrations, from warehouse to medical rooms, optimizing logistics and reducing the risk of theft

Mobile Medical Equipment Management

Ensure instant patient care by managing and quickly renting out your durable medical equipment via the enhanced mobile app

Flexible Pricing & Discounts

Offer discounts to frequent patients, set flexible rental prices, and rent different equipment in bundles, based on patient needs

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HealthQuest Inc. boosts business revenue and scales rental operations by streamlining rental orders

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