Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management


EZRentOut Tutorial Videos

Learn how to use EZRentOut with our step by step guides on creating rental orders, managing payments, and more.
Creating Your First Order

Watch this video to see how EZRentOut easily creates Orders. Gain real-time information into order statuses such as Drafted, Booked, or Rented out. Quickly add Items - Asset, Asset stock, or Inventory, by item name, or with barcode or QR codes. Effortlessly book and rent out your Order in EZRentOut- maximizing profitability.
Learn more about Orders here.

  • 1. Creating Your First Order 00:00
  • 2. Add Customers and Create Order 0.56
  • 3. Scan or Add Items using item names, barcodes, or QR codes 2.02
  • 4. Reserve and Rent Out the Order 3.32
  • 1. Payment Options 00:00
  • 2. Integrate with payment gateways 0.07
  • 3. Add taxes, damages, or custom entries 0.50
  • 4. Carry out partial returns and payments 1.17
  • 1. Managing Long-term Rentals 0:00
  • 2. Set a default billing period 0.50
  • 3. Link multiple Orders via a Recurrence 2.22
  • 4. Generate automatic invoices and charge payments 2.42

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