Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

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EZO White Papers

In-depth discussions about streamlining rental business operations for growth and success.
How Equipment Rental Software Adds Value to Your SMB

SMBs benefit from rental management software in a number of ways. It can optimize equipment usage, improve customer relations, and ensure organizational flexibility. EZRentOut solves your rental management woes – straight from the cloud!

How Equipment Rental Software Benefits The Bike Rental Industry

Equipment rental software meets the many challenges of the bike rental industry – from customer service to inventory maintenance. Due to the high touch nature of the rental business, the software is an excellent tool to save time, lower costs and increase customer reach.

EZRentOut Sales Brochure

Centralize rental management activities seamlessly with EZRentOut. You can now track orders, receive payments, and put your product catalog online – all from one space! Check out our sales brochure for more details.

EZRentOut Webstore Blueprint

EZRentOut enables its customers to create their very own Webstore and display their inventory online to take orders through their website. Here’s a guide to help them grow their online business, using their Webstore.

Audiovisual Equipment Rental Management Workflows

EZRentOut enables AV rental companies to track, control, and report on their equipment and inventory with ease. We have helped them lower costs, optimize workflows, and improve transparency from one centralized location.

Education Rental Management Workflows

EZRentOut enables educational institutions and universities to track, control, and report on their equipment and inventory with ease. We have the features important for the education sector to eliminate inefficiencies and reduce expenses.

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