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[How-to] Stay On Top of Calendar Events in EZRentOut

Stay on top of Calendar Events in EZRentOut

You can use the Dashboard Calendar to keep track of all ongoing events, order assignments, and active orders, and have a bird’s eye view of equipment rentals and operational workflows.

Stay on top of ongoing and upcoming events

The top of the dashboard displays the count of the following sections of equipment rental management in EZRentOut, explained in subsequent sections: 

  • Orders that are overdue
  • Orders which are due on the current date
  • Active Orders assigned to the users
  • Worth of Orders (completed, booked, rented out, etc.) in ‘–‘ days.

Orders Overdue Vs. Orders Due Today

The count of overdue orders is time-sensitive, while the count of orders due on the current date is day-sensitive.

Say, there are two orders due return on Feb 27, order#1 at 16:00 and order#2 at 19:00, the count of overdue orders will be ‘7’ and that of orders due today will be ‘2’ till Feb 27, 16:00.

Now if order#1 is not returned at its due time, the count of overdue orders will change to ‘8’ at 16:01. However, the count of orders due today will remain ‘2’ till the end of the day i.e. Feb 27.

Actions on Metric Cards

When you click on any one of the metric cards, it redirects you to the listings page of their particular details – where you can then take actions on the order in question from its detail page e.g. extend rent out on an overdue order or request return (see the image below):

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Metric for Worth of Orders in different states

You can filter rental income as per the order status within a given duration of time and take a couple of actions on it as well e.g. Void/Clone it, or print order.

For example, the completed orders in the last 30 days in your company were worth $497.22. This way, you can identify some insights on these orders e.g. which items were rented out the most. This card can be insightful when doing a quick sum-up of rental orders as well.

Note: The metric cards are also applicable to recurring orders. Learn More.

Email Alerts for Metric Cards

The following generates email alerts for Account Owners and Admins:

  1. Overdue Orders: You will be notified via email whenever an order is not returned after its due date.
  2. Orders due today: You will get an email on the day an order return is expected.
  3. Orders due in — days: You can select how many days in advance to the start of an order due return you want to get an email alert.

Note: To enable these alerts, go to the More → Alerts and check their respective boxes as shown in the snapshot below:

The Calendar View and Quick Activity Feed

The Dashboard Calendar enables you to look at events in the context of a monthly calendar and helps you manage and monitor all your rental activities directly from the dashboard.

The dates on which orders are due and bookings are starting are marked on the calendar for you to keep track of all important dates (see the date 25th in the screenshot below):

Quick Activity Feed

Alongside the calendar, there is an update of all the assets and activities on equipment rentals for the current month. To see events of any other month, navigate between the months using the forward/backward arrow on the calendar. It goes forward and backward indefinitely (see image above).

The feed of events on the dashboard page also shows the addition of assets, members, customer comments, services, and orders in different states within the system, under messages and latest events.

On clicking the order number, you will be directed to the detail page of the order from where you can approve or reject the booking or take other actions.

Note: From the staff members’ standpoint, the activity feed and calendar only display the activities they have done, as well as events related to orders assigned to them.

Syncing the Calendar for Equipment Rentals

The Dashboard Calendar can also be synced with a third-party calendar application. This comes in handy as you can keep track of your order assignments from other applications.

It might help you in better rental management and organization of your rental orders and assignments depending upon the application you sync with. To do this, follow the following steps:

1. When you click on date 25, click on the ‘Get ICAL URL’ from the three ellipses shown above. You will be prompted to a URL.

2. Copy that URL into another tab of your web browser. An ICS file will be downloaded. 

3. Now open this file using the calendar application of your choice.

The details of your bookings and due orders will now be available on the application you have synced with.

Staying on top of Service Events

The dashboard by default displays a calendar view. However, you may customize it as per your preferences. You can choose any of the following to display on the dashboard from Settings → My Settings.

  • Calendar
  • Service Events
  • Location Map

Service events can be enabled from My Settings → Dashboard Settings.

Quickly view delivery and pickup

Delivery drivers can now instantly view information on the deliveries and pickups they have scheduled directly on their dashboards. As a delivery driver, you have complete visibility on all deliveries and pickups in the Calendar Events widget and can plan logistics around them to save time and gas.

Delivery and Pickup information in Calendar Events on EZRentOut dashboard

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