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[How-to] Set Up Custom Roles in EZRentOut

[How-to] Set Up Custom Roles in EZRentOut
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The Custom Roles feature in EZRentOut rental software offers your rental business granular control over permissions and access you grant to your staff.

As an account owner and administrator, you can now create, modify, and manage custom roles tailored specifically for your business organizational needs and user responsibilities.

You will no longer be restricted to generic default roles with fixed permissions. Based on your needs, you can now control every permission and access you can grant to a specific role.

For rental businesses with complex hierarchies and diverse designations, use Custom Roles to quickly create roles that serve your business more efficiently.

Increase the operational efficiency and daily productivity of your teams by reducing administrative overheads.

You are no longer limited to overprivileged Administrators and underpowered Staff Users. Go and create the custom roles you want.

Benefits of creating custom roles

Here are a few benefits custom roles provide you by addressing challenges in the rental workflows of your business:

1. Enhance security and compliance business-wide

Create custom roles with role-specific access that comply with your industry and business, and ensure the protection of sensitive data and critical functions.

2. Increase the operational efficiency of your business

Streamline user management by aligning permissions and access with the job that role entails, reduce administrative overheads, and increase productivity.

3. Future-proof your business for scalability and flexibility

Protect your business for future scaling by adding new custom roles as your rental business grows, and always keep your user permissions and access in check.

Uses of custom roles in rental industries

All medium and large rental businesses with complex hierarchies, diverse organizational structures, departmental segregations, and role-based job specifications will find custom roles beneficial.

Construction and heavy equipment rental businesses

You can grant specific permissions and access to project managers, supervisors, site managers, heavy equipment specialists, safety officers, procurement officers, inventory managers, relocation drivers, and more.

Give them access to key information that is useful for them, like site managers may want to see what has been rented out and when is it due. Safety officers may only be interested in viewing servicing, maintenance, and compliance records.

Audio/video and media rental businesses

You can grant specific permissions and access to procurement managers, inventory managers, and production heads. You can segregate inventory rights by teams like lighting, audio, video, etc.

Technical supervisors and production managers may only be interested in viewing and managing renting schedules for high-value audio/video equipment. Additionally, you may want to restrict certain equipment from field staff such as equipment availability, pricing, rental information, etc.

Healthcare and medical equipment rental businesses

You can grant specific permissions and access to business administrators, clinic operators, technicians, delivery drivers, inventory managers, and procurement officers.

Align your health equipment rental business with safety and health regulations, and HIPAA compliance by restricting access to sensitive information. Create custom roles for delivery and pickup officers so they only see what is to be delivered, and when and where, rather than to whom it is delivered.

Create custom roles in EZRentOut

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