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Use Date Alert Phases with EZRentOut for Streamlined Operations

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For large teams collaborating on tasks or events, EZRentOut now offers the ability to set a date alert in phases. This feature enables you to send multiple notifications regarding a particular event or task. These reminders can be sent to users associated with Groups and Locations to facilitate tasks and provide full visibility.

Let’s discuss how you can set up and implement this feature.

Set up date alert phases on Alerts page 

To get started with this feature go to the Navigation Menu → More → Alerts→ My Alerts.

Enable date alert phases

Now you can start setting up multiple alerts for a particular event. For example, if you want to trigger more than one alert for Orders Due click the + sign right next to the alert to add another layer. 

The following overlay will appear where you can enter a date alert phase. For example, if you want to set an alert for 4 days before an order is due, click Add Phase and enter the value you need – in this case, 4. Now you will get a notification 4 days and 1 day before the order is due. 

Likewise, keep adding phases by click on the Add Phase button. Once you are done, click Create to implement. 

Please note that you can add a maximum of 5 phases. 

Once you are done this is what the final alerts will look like on the My Alerts page. 

Select Groups and Locations for Alerts

Now that you have set up the phased alerts, go ahead and select who will receive them. You can do this by selecting Groups and Locations so users associated with them will receive these alerts.

However,  if you do not want to choose a specific location, click No Location. 

Set up Custom Field date alerts

Use this functionality to gain even more control over your workflows by setting up a custom Date Alert. You can set this up from the Navigation Menu → Custom Fields → Add a Custom Field. From the dropdown menu select the Type as Date Field (alert). 

Now scroll down further and click on Add Phase to set up the exact number of Alert Days. In the example below, we have triggered an alert for 1 and 2 days before and after the specified date. 

About EZRentOut 

We are a cloud based rental solution that offers businesses seamless rental management. It also comes with a host of other features like asset tracking, maintenance management, a customized webstore, and much more.

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