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The Rental Beat: EZRentOut Feature Release January 2018

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EZRentOut Feature Release – January 2018 Edition

Over the last few months, EZRentOut has released a slew of valuable features to help you centralize your rental management and make behind-the-scenes monitoring a lot more efficient. We’ve also focused a lot on enabling you to communicate with your customers more effectively, and giving them a host of new options – whether it’s online payments, language support, or Webstore bookings.

So without further ado, let’s have a look at the latest EZRentOut feature release!

purchase orders module

Purchase Orders: Managing procurement is now easier than ever with EZRentOut. You can create Purchase Orders for vendors and easily receive items against them. Both existing and non-catalog items can be added to POs, with editable fields such as stock quantity, prices, and delivery locations. Send emails to vendors for price quotes, and print invoices to document the POs. In addition to that, Staff Users can even request stock by creating a PO and having it approved by an Admin within the system. Once the stock is received, requested items will be added to the Items’ listing page automatically. Enable this from Settings → Add Ons → Purchase Orders. The feature will then be accessible from the ‘More’ tab. Learn more.

advanced dashboard view

Advanced Dashboard View: Your EZRentOut Dashboard just got a whole lot more interesting! Admins can display a variety of Metric Cards on their Dashboard for a quick overview of all the goings-on at their company. As an example, you can look at bar graphs of your most popular items, or see what Orders are overdue for a certain duration. All this is fully customizable, allowing you to swap the cards around, choose metrics, and select the duration for which you’d like to view information. All this can be done in Edit mode.

advanced bundle pricing

Advanced Pricing for Bundles: You already have the option of discounted and flat pricing on Bundles. Now, you can also set up advanced rental rates for them. Want to charge a flat fee for your Bundle for the first 5 hours, followed by a rate of $10 per hour for the rest? To execute scenarios like these easily, go to Bundle Pricing → Advanced Pricing when you create a new Bundle. Note that this only works if you have ‘Advanced Rental Rates’ enabled from Settings → Add Ons. In addition, the pricing brackets will follow the default brackets you’ve set for your company here. For more information on rental rates in EZRentOut, click here.

seo and webstore enehancements

Webstore Enhancements

We’ve done so much to improve the EZRentOut Webstore experience for both you and your customers!

  • Configurable Notifications: You can add custom text to be displayed on a banner right below the search bar on your Webstore. A lot of our customers use it to display their cookie policy. To add this, go to Settings → Store Settings → Configurable Notifications.
  • Partial Charges on Webstore Booking: It’s good to have a guarantee that customers will follow through on Webstore orders. To this end, you can charge customers a flat or percentage value – a mandatory amount to be paid by them beforehand – any time they book an order through the Webstore. Go to Settings → Store Settings → Order Settings → Enable Payments Through Webstore – Charge to set this amount.
  • SEO Enhancements and Sitemap: You can now improve your Webstore’s visibility on Google, Bing, and other search engines by optimizing your SEO strategy. You can also enable search engines to crawl your web pages more effectively through your very own sitemap. To access these features, go to Settings → Store Settings → SEO Settings and Settings → Store Settings → Sitemap.
  • Terms and Conditions: Add custom Terms and Conditions to Webstore orders, which must be accepted before orders can be checked out. Go to Settings → Store Settings → Terms and Conditions.
  • Pick Up Locations: You can display Pick Up Locations on the Webstore so customers know where orders have to be collected from. This must first be enabled from Company Settings → Advanced Settings → Pick Up and Shipping Location. Now, when customers go to check out their cart on the Webstore, they’ll be asked to ‘Choose a Location’ that suits them.
  • Add Documents to the Webstore: You might want to attach certain documents – such as certificates or specifications – to items on the Webstore. When uploading a document to an Item Detail Page, simply check the box which says ‘Visible on Webstore’ to do this.
  • Translation: Currently, you can translate the Webstore by scrolling to the bottom and picking another language from the drop-down. If this doesn’t fit your needs, you can get in touch at, and we’ll set you up with more localized translations!

There’s more to EZRentOut Feature Release this month

staff alerts

Set Alerts for Staff Users: Admins can define alerts received by Staff Users, which the latter can override if they wish. Go to More → Alerts → Staff Alerts.

maintenance for staff users

Maintenance for Staff Users: Staff Users can schedule services and put items into maintenance. Enable this from Company Settings.

refund via cc

Payment Gateway Refunds: Refund complete and partial payments via Square, Stripe, Payflow, Moneris, and Braintree.

lost business report

Lost Business Report: Prepare better for future demand by seeing which out-of-stock items were ordered by customers. Learn more

api enhancements

API Enhancements: We’ve expanded our API calls to add and retrieve data for Subgroups added in the system. Learn more

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