Asset Intelligence and Management
Asset Intelligence and Management

Feature Release – October 2014

We just sent out special Halloween Candy in form of a feature release. It incorporates many popular requests from users like you. Here is a quick run-down:

AssetStock_chairsASSET STOCK: This is a new category in-line with Assets and Inventory, and is designed for items where individual tracking is unnecessary. For example, 100 chairs or 500 plates. If you don’t want to add 100 individual chairs as assets, you can add a single entry for chairs as Asset Stock. You’ll be checking out quantities e.g. 30 chairs to Emily Rose. To get started, have a look at Settings -> Add Ons -> Asset Stock

developersAPI FOR DEVELOPERS: You can now integrate EZRentOut with other systems using our REST based APIs. You can access details of orders, customer, items and much more. The possibilities are endless!
For extended API service, including callbacks, we require a Premium package. To get started, have a look at our developers page.

FuseBallTableSTAFF REPORTS: We now show revenue generated on the dashboard so that you can keep a track of how well your business is performing. Staff users see the revenue generated by the orders they close. To identify your top staff person and the ones lagging behind, we’ve now also introduced extended reports for administrators. Have a look at More -> Reports -> Staff reports.

: Customers not returning all items in the order on the due date? We now support partial returns in orders. You can now spawn off partial orders for items that customers require extensions on.


Credit Card Processing: We’re working on Stripe based credit card processing. Your customers will be able to log in to their EZRentOut account and pay for their Rental Orders online.
– Online Rental Store: An online rental store is also coming up next month. You’ll be able to publish your items online and have your customers send their orders directly from there.