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Privacy Laws Compliance and EZO EZRentOut

Privacy Laws Compliance and EZO EZRentOut
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EZO complies with several privacy laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read further to understand what this means, and how we help you comply with GDPR and privacy laws when you use EZRentOut.

Where EZO acts as a Data Controller, our Privacy Policy explains how we process personal data. You can read the latest version of our Privacy Policy for further information.

What is Personal Data?

Information related to identified or identifiable natural persons such as name, email address, photos, and online identifiers such as IP Address.

Do Privacy Laws, like GDPR, apply to you as our Customer?

Privacy laws, such as GDPR, may apply in cases:

  1. you are located in a country or region where data privacy laws exist, i.e. EU and UK;

  2. in case you process personal data of citizens or residents of a region where data privacy laws exist, i.e. EU or UK. 

Understanding Roles under GDPR

  • The Data Controller determines the purpose and means of processing personal data 
  • The Data Processor processes personal data on behalf of another entity
  • The Data Subjects are individuals whose data is processed 

Helping you comply with Data Subject Requests in your role as a Data Controller 

This section explains how we help EZRentOut customers comply with GDPR or other privacy laws. 

When you process the personal data of other individuals, EZRentOut allows you to control and manage how you process it. EZRentOut ensures that you act upon data subject requests yourself. 

Account owners and administrators authorized by the account owners can take the following actions: 

  • View, update, delete, correct, or remove the profile information, including profile information of members that are authorized in EZRentOut. 
  • Export data, including personal data related to the customers or vendors that are created in EZRentOut. We allow the extraction of such information in a readable format. To do that, you can either generate a report or extract a CSV via the Users module.

    To learn more, read our blog on custom reports in EZRentOut  
  • Garner consent of various users that you authorize to use EZRentOut, such as by sending an email confirmation alert to a user to their email address whenever a new customer or vendor is created in EZRentOut. This is customizable depending on your intended settings.

    To learn more, read our blogs on Alerts in EZRentOut here and here  
  • When you take any of the above actions, any data, including personal data, stored in our backups is automatically deleted or updated in the course of the next bi-annual backup deletion cycle 

Identify the Data Protection Officer in your business using our Compliance Tool

EZRentOut allows you to maintain the records of your Data Protection Officer in the compliance tool section. To provide visibility to members using EZRentOut, you can also add a Data Protection Officer role in the Members and Access Section.

NOTE: To enable a Data Protection Officer to take action on data protection requests, please assign them the role of at least an administrator.

Data Hosting Locations

Your data is typically hosted on our AWS US Data Center. However, EZO can also host your data on a specific data center that may be located in the EU, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, Sweden, or at a few other locations. When you choose a data hosting location, in addition to live data, all backup data is stored within the jurisdiction that you choose.

To learn more about your specific data hosting options, email us at

Do we sell Personal Data?

EZO does not sell personal data, nor have we done so in the past 12 months.

Our security measures

EZO is SOC II, Type 2, and ISO 27001 Certified. To request a copy of our certifications, email us at

For further information, visit our Security Page.

Customers can request to sign our Standard Data Processing Agreement

If privacy laws apply to you as our customer, to ensure compliance, you can request to sign our standard data processing agreement at

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