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EZRentOut is a web based tool that will enable you to significantly reduce the workload of managing rentals, tracking equipment, and keeping your customers happy. You can also use our mobile apps (Android, iPhone/iPad) to scan labels to take actions.

Identifying Your Items
Identify what type of items you will track. There are 3 different types of items available:

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Assets, Asset Stock, Inventory
“- Rented out for a certain duration e.g. a wedding limo being rented out by James for 6 hours.”,”- Asset Stocks are similar to Assets and are also rented out for a certain duration.”,”- Inventory includes items that can be consumed/sold e.g. 10 bridesmaid bouquets or wedding cake sold to Sarah. ”
“- Assets are tracked individually e.g Limo #1, Limo #2 and so on. Each Asset would be added as an individual entry so you know exactly where each of them is.”,”- Stock Assets are not tracked individually e.g. 100 foldable wedding chairs or 35 table sheets where individual tracking is unnecessary; you just want to keep track of how many are available and how many are rented out.”,”- You maintain a stock quantity e.g. 800 water bottles in the warehouse, 100 in the store.”
“- You rent out an asset to a customer e.g. Limo #1 rented/checked out to James.”,”- You rent out a particular quantity of an Asset Stock to a customer e.g. 100 wedding chairs rented out to an Event management company.”,”- You add inventory stock when you get the supplies and remove stock when you sell/consume them.”
“- No quantity is associated to assets since each asset is tracked individually.”,”- You maintain a stock quantity.”,” ”
[/table]Note: Asset Stock and Inventory modules can be enabled/disabled from Settings ->Add OnsCA bubble

Custom Fields: If the predefined set of fields for assets/inventory are not sufficient for you, you can add custom fields from Items -> Custom Attributes. Learn More.

Customers: Customers bubbleCustomers are individuals who rent out Assets or Asset Stocks, or consume/buy stock from inventory. Useful filters can be applied to get insights into a particular category of customers. You can also send emails and newsletters to the customers.

Orders: All rentOrders bubbleal and sales transactions are recorded as Orders. Say Evan wants to rent out a Limo, and wants to buy a crate of red wine, you will draft an order from Orders -> Add Order, and add both these items to it. You can then track its booking, rent out and return activities. You can also generate invoices for all orders.

Users Bubble

Users: Users work with orders. Add Admins (having full access) or Staff Users (having limited access) from More -> Users -> Add new member. Access levels and Visibility can also be defined from your name at top right -> Company Settings -> Settings. You can run reports on how well every staff user is performing and can also assign orders to them.

Add records bubble

Get Cozy – Add a few items: Add a few records to your account to get started. You can also add groups, documents, locations and vendors.

Migrate to EZRentOut from existing Excel files: If you have data in Excel, you can import it directly to EZRentOut. You can import:Migrating Bubble
– Assets, Asset Stock and Inventory
– Create Locations, Groups or Vendors while importing items
– Custom Attributes
– Customers
Learn more.

QR Code BubbleMake QR Code or Barcode Labels: Use the Label Designer to design and print professional looking labels. Learn more.

Explore Settings and Add Ons: There are dozens of features for you to try out. To enable the advance features, go to Settings -> Add Ons. There are a number of other Settings to tailor EZRentOut in many different ways. Settings and Add ons bubbleFor example; if Location Tracking is important to you, have the location asked on rent out/check out from Settings -> Locations. You may also want to configure your Time Zone from Settings -> Company Settings -> Company Profile. Here are details on some productivity boosters and integrations that you may want to try out.

Finding your way around
EZR bubble helpEZR bubble help 2
Support Material
Download the Getting Started Guide. Also see our blog, which has a number of support posts to help you through various features. There is also contextual help available across the EZRentOut app. Drop us an email at if you run into any issue.

Talk to Us
We listen to all our customers earnestly. If you have any questions for us, email at You can also contribute your ideas on our Community Forum or join in the conversation with us on twitter @EZRentOut.