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EZRentOut Blogs How To Use The Quick Check In Dashboard Button For Fast Efficient Returns In Ezrentout

[How To] Use the Quick Check-in Dashboard Button For Fast, Efficient Returns in EZRentOut

Rental businesses are typically handling multiple returns in a single day. During busy operational hours, going through the Order details page to check in individual Asset and Asset Stock can be time-consuming and operationally inefficient. EZRentOut has introduced a quick check-in functionally to save you time and expedite this process.

Use the Quick Check-in Button on the dashboard to search for Asset and Asset stock using Item name, AIN, or barcode scanning and check them back in. The search also automatically pulls up the Order associated with the item(s) and marks the Asset/Asset stock as returned, while the Order is marked as completed upon full payment. You also have the flexibility of resetting the check-in date as required and the billing duration will be updated accordingly. 

Let’s look at this feature in more detail:

Enable Quick Check-in settings

To enable this setting, please go to Add Ons -> Quick Check-in 

Note: Please enable Edit Rented Out Orders in Company settings as a prerequisite. 

After you have enabled the settings, you will be able to view a Quick Check-in icon on the top right corner of the dashboard. 

As you click on the Quick check-in icon, it will direct you to the Quick Checkin page as below

Quick Check-in

Set custom or default return and billing dates while returning Assets and Asset stock

You can choose to return Assets and Asset stock either on the order return date or set a custom return date by clicking the settings box on the right corner on the Quick Check-in page. The default return date is the same as the Order return date selected while renting out the Order. 

An overlay will appear as below: 

The custom date should be any date before the Order return date. Let’s say an item was initially mareked to be returned on 28th July. However, the customer decided to return it earlier on 24th July. You can set the custom date to the 24th of July when checking in the Asset.  

Note: The billing days will also be adjusted accordingly  if the settings are “Same dates for rental and billing duration”

Similarly, you have an option to choose default or custom billing dates while checking in Assets/Asset Stock.

Quick Check-in

The custom billing dates can be any date prior to the order return date. The billing dates can be adjusted only when flexible billing duration is enabled.

Checking in Assets at different locations

  1. The user can easily check out Assets at one location and can check in at another location. You only have to check the settings below:

Enabling this checkbox can allow users to choose locations for each asset in the table. 

Quick Check-in

You can choose locations by typing a location or from the dropdown available as shown below: 

You can also choose locations from the settings dialogue box on the top right of the page.

Selecting Custom Location will pop up another field to choose your desired location

Quick Check-in

If the location settings are disabled then the user cannot choose a location from the dropdown menu on the table. However, you can add a location from the settings dialogue box.

Note: Asset stock cannot be checked in at different locations

Quick Check-in page

The page shows an add items bar for users to check-in Assets or Asset stock. Here you can search for the item you want to check in by Item name, AIN, Item number, or a barcode scan.

The search results are: 

  1. Assets: These can only be associated with a single order because an asset can only be rented out in one order at a time. 
  2. Asset Stock: If there is only one Asset stock checked out in order then it will be directly added to the table. However, Asset stocks can be associated with multiple orders and bundles. 

Searching for a particular Asset stock will open an overlay of orders or bundles it is associated with. 

You can select the order or a bundle to which Asset stock needs to be returned. 

Quick Check-in as Bundles

All items in a bundle will be returned on the same date. If Assets and Asset stock are checked out as a bundle, then these will also be returned as bundles.  

Note: Inventory items cannot be checked in. Inventories added with Assets and Asset stock in a bundle will not be checked in. 

Once all requirements are filled, the user clicks the check-in button and a message pops up which details the impact of check-in on Orders/bundles or Asset/Asset stock

Quick Check-in

Adding meter end value while Quick Check-in

You can also add meter end value while checking in the Assets as shown below:

Items Custom Fields required for Quick Checkin

There are several custom fields that are mandatory on the Orders details page. If the fields are not filled when renting out the Order initially, the system will ask the user to first fill in the mandatory Order custom fields before returning Assets or Asset stocks. 

An overlay will appear as below: 

Quick Check-in

The status of an Order will then change from rented out to returned or completed. 

Note: This overlay will only appear when checking in the last Asset or Asset stock in order. 

Quick Check-in Alerts

You can also set alerts for Quick Check-in by updating the settings in my alerts. 

Quick Check-in

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