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[How-To] Integrate QuickBooks Desktop with EZRentOut

How to Integrate QuickBooks Desktop with EZRentOut
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This post is for QuickBooks Desktop (Windows-based) integration. The QuickBooks Online guide is available here.

EZRentOut’s equipment rental software can be integrated with a number of productivity applications. For Credit Card Swipes and Online Payments, we offer integration with Stripe, Authorize.Net, and PayPal. For advanced accounting needs, you can integrate EZRentOut with QuickBooks (Desktop or QuickBooks Online) and Xero. The integration Add Ons are available under Settings in your EZRentOut account.

The Program File (Sync Application) and Help Material for QuickBooks Desktop integration are listed here. If you use QuickBooks Online, take a look at our QuickBooks Online integration guide.

The application enables you to sync EZRentOut data (Assets, Inventory, Asset Stock, Customers, Orders & Payments) with QuickBooks Desktop. EZRentOut Sync is a Windows application that runs on your PC (side by side) with QuickBooks and seamlessly imports your EZRentOut data into QuickBooks.

QuickBooks EZRentOut App

If you’re having trouble integrating EZRentOut with QuickBooks Desktop, take a look at our Troubleshooting Guide.

VersionRelease Date    Details
5.1 (Latest)10/12/2023
  • One-way payment sync feature.
  • Added Credit Account for Inventory.
  • Service Workshop Feature.
4.9 09/06/2023
  • Enhancement in payment refund workflow.
  • Several bug fixes and improvements.
  • Sync Report Improvements
  • Several bug fixes and improvements
  • Feature to map EZR items to QBD items
  • Tax Groups syncing added.
  • Separate mapping for different line items was added.
4.3 09/20/2021
  • Feature to map payments to multiple accounts and Several bug fixes
4.2 07/09/2021
  • Several bug fixes and improvements.
  • An agent signed By EZ Web Enterprises.
  • Handled exception for Order Request Payload for invalid characters in QuickBooks.
4.0 03/16/2020
  • Line item level discount/damage syncing added.
  • An Agent signed By EZ Web Enterprises.
  • Handled exception for Order Request Payload for invalid characters in QuickBooks.
  • Added the functionality to stop syncing QuickBooks Payments (Created/Updated) with EZRentOut. This is only applicable for QuickBooks Invoices with tampered Invoice Reference Numbers.
  • Added the functionality to map QuickBooks Payment Date(s) in EZRentOut.
  • Increased Inventory/Service Name Truncation limit to 4095 characters in QuickBooks.
  • Denied updates to payments (creation/editing/deletion) in QuickBooks for Orders deleted in EZRentOut.
3.5 07/18/2019
  • Added functionality to sync Orders with Businesses instead of Customers.
  • Added Override functionality for Customer Address Lines from EZRentOut to QuickBooks. 
  • Increased the character limit to 41 for Customer Display Name in QuickBooks (Note that this is for Customers with Unique Names in your EZRentOut account. For Customers with non-unique names, the character limit remains the same i.e. 33).  
  • Added Sync functionality for dynamic Invoice Date and Order Date.
  • Error Log Enhancements: Discount changed to Service for orders with Taxed + Non-taxed items.
  • Added Error Log Report: Log File will be uploaded in EZRentOut documents
  • Every Log File will be generated for a period of One Month.
  • Location for logs, config files have been changed from C:./ProgramData to C:/ProgramData/EZRentOut.
  • Synced date & Invoice # for Order will be displayed in EZRentOut along order fields
  • Synced date and Payment Ref # will be displayed in EZRentOut along payments
  • Verbiage Changed To Override All Data
  • Alert Messages Changed
  • ‘Sync Now’ Button Color Changed
  • Record QuickBooks Desktop Versions (Supported from V3.0 Onwards)
  • Late Fee sync support added to QuickBooks.
  • Bundle Pricing Adjustments sync support added to QuickBooks
  • Payments created or modified in QuickBooks after the last sync are synced back to EZRentOut in the Sync Now/Sync By Order Date modes.
  • Mass order payments created or modified in QuickBooks are synced back to EZRentOut.
  • All payments created in QuickBooks are synced along with their IDs to EZRentOut.
  • Customers cannot change the payment amount to zero in EZRentOut.
  • Added the functionality to truncate Order Shipping Address Fields whenever they exceed the set limits.
  • Added Sync support in Orders for Sub Rental Line Items with Zero Amount Value
  • Enabled the functionality to void newly canceled orders
  • Added Sync of Inventory/Asset Stock with the same name
  • Added Sync functionality for Default Line Items in the Order Total
  • Enabled Sync of Order “Created On Date” in QuickBooks Invoice “Order Date”
  • Added Warning on ‘QBFC Install Required’
  • Worked on handling the Vendors and Customers with the same name
  • Added Sync functionality for Pricing Coupon Discounts of ‘Charged’ Category
  • Updated Payment Modifications in QuickBooks
  • Shipping Locations in EZRentOut will be mapped to ‘Ship To’ in QuickBooks.
  • Asset Stock Quantities in the order will also be synced.
  • Sync Orders created after a specific date.
  • Sync state-based Orders. For selecting specific states, go to Add Ons > Integrate QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Minor payment improvements.
  • Sync Now’ button will sync items created/updated after the last sync. – ‘Sync All’ will fetch all items from your EZR account.
  • Items in a retired state will also be synced to QuickBooks in ‘active state’ if they belong to any order in EZR.
  • Orders with only single tax applied will be synced to QuickBooks.
  • Separate Accounts for Rental Income, Sales Income, Sub-rentals, Discounts, Damages, Refunds, and Custom Entries added.
  • Inventory Adjustments added for all QuickBooks versions (Inventory Accounting).
  • All discounts (Order Discounts, Promotional Discounts, and Coupons) handled in QuickBooks From EZR.
  • Inventory Adjustments (Add Stock/Transfer Stock /Sale/Retire) added for Advanced Inventory Module of QuickBooks Enterprise 2016. Learn how to add inventory.
  • Inventory Total Quantity and Average Purchase Cost of Inventory will be updated in QuickBooks as soon as you change Inventory in EZRentOut. Learn how to sync Inventory Adjustments to QuickBooks.
  • QuickBooks Canada Taxes for all states. Click here to see more details.
  • QuickBooks to EZR payments sync fixed.
  • Functionality to add void invoices
  • Made a few minor adjustments.
  • QuickBooks Desktop Canada Improvements*. – QuickBooks Invoice Fields (PO Number, Terms, Rep, Billing Address, Shipping Address, Ship Via, Ship Date) won’t get overridden by a re-sync.
  • QuickBooks Invoice: Orphan Descriptions can be added now.
  • *QuickBooks Desktop Canada handles taxes and exemptions from taxes differently from other versions. We have added this support to the latest version.
  • Enhancements made related to errors with tax codes, date format, administrative rights, and sub-rental items. Fixed asset account is now removed.
  • Updates related to mapping customers seamlessly in EZRentOut and QuickBooks, along with a few tweaks to the Display Name in QuickBooks.
  • Added Identification Number (AIN) with products/services coming in from EZRentOut
  • Initial Release

*Please note that the above are all BETA versions. In order to get you up and running, we will provide you with personalized support.

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