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EZRentOut Blogs January 2019 Release Notes 2

EZRentOut January 2019 Release Notes

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EZRentOut January release notes

The team behind EZRentOut has been busy this month. We added non-US date format, introduced flexible billing duration for Webstore Orders, revamped our Order workflow, in addition to many other features. Here’s the breakdown:

Change in Order Workflow

Payment Pending has been changed to Returned State and Booked Payment Pending state in Web Orders has been changed to Booked Advance Due. These changes will make for a more intuitive Order Workflow.

Payment Terms Enhancements

You can now make payment applicable from your choice of date i.e. Rent Out Date, Return Date etc for greater control on Payment Terms. Additionally, you can see Payment Pending and Payment Overdue labels on Orders for timely payments.

Integrated Emails

Improve your response rate to customer queries with Integrated Emails. Send and receive customer emails, view customer queries, and update orders accordingly, all from the Order Details Page.

OneDrive Integration

Companies can automate backups of their EZRentOut data to their OneDrive account.  You can now have an additional copy of your documents and reports which will enhance security and enable easy sharing.

Non-US Date Format

Non-US companies can now switch to their respective date format in EZRentOut. This change will apply throughout the software and will enable better rental tracking with the ease of viewing all dates in the non-US date format.

Flexible Billing Duration for Webstore

Set up pre-order and post-order buffer durations for online orders. Companies often require time for preparing and shipping an online order. Offer better value to customers by telling them exactly when to expect their deliveries.


Order Identification Number Format

Companies using an OIN in place of the Order# can further customize their order identity tags. They can design an OIN format that carries vital information like Customer ID or Location ID in a set sequence for intuitive ID tags that can be read quickly.

Disable Customer Fields

Admins have the option of disabling customer data fields that they do not require. In this manner, you can make customer data more concise by using only the information that is necessary which in turn speeds up processing time.

Clone Custom Printout Templates

Sometimes, companies need to create a new Printout Template which is similar to an already existing Custom Printout Template. This can be time-consuming; simply clone your existing Custom Printout Template, edit the duplicate, and save both.

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