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Jingle Bells – Holiday Season Feature Release

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Happy holidays from everyone here at EZRentOut. Hope you’re having an amazing time.
The promised holiday season release “Jingle Bells” is now live. Do send us your feedback when you try out the new features.
We’re also excited to announce the early availability of our Web Store. You can now publish your rental shop online and open up your business to endless opportunities.


WEB STORE: Go higher by showcasing your rental items and deals on the web. This is one of the most exciting features we’ve released. The web store layout is completely configurable; set up photo banners to illustrate what you do, control what information to show, and use your own domain URL. Now you can direct your customers to go to your web store and order items.


CUSTOMER PORTAL: Your customers can use this portal to view their orders and also see a list of items as per your company settings. They can also pay online for their orders using a Credit Card. Customer Portal has also been integrated with the Web Store to allow customers to place and view their orders. If you don’t have this feature enabled, have a look at Settings -> Customer Portal. Configure Credit Card Payment from Settings -> Add-Ons


AVAILABILITY CALENDAR: Now in a single glance you can see which items are available and which aren’t. With this enhancement, we visualize necessary information so you can make quick decisions when renting out, confirming bookings, or making procurement decisions. To enable this feature go to Settings -> Add-Ons -> Enable Availability Calendar.


EMAIL TEMPLATES: Have your own style and customized information to communicate with your customers and staff. It’s like an empty page that you can fill as you like. Go to Alerts -> Add New Email Template and create blueprints of your emails. These templates can be used for any action that generates email. The email drafting tool comes with rich formatting options.


ORDER CUSTOMIZATION: Order line items can now be customized. Click on the 3 dots by the top right corner of line items table and choose columns to show. They include custom attributes such as max allowed price. You can also select “line item notes” to allow for entering of comments in front of each rental item in the order. This will come in handy when designing invoices (coming early January) to show line item level discounts or special instructions/remarks.


There is much more in this release for you to explore.
a) Reports have been improved; specifically the Utilization Report and Charts. It’ll allow you to analyze how rental items are being used.
b) We’ve introduced filters and fields to track Outstanding Payments in a better way.
c) Counts in Compact View have been made clickable so you can easily pull up the available items.


In January 2015, we’re releasing CONFETTI SHOWER
Confetti Shower includes many interesting enhancements, including:
a) Invoice Designer to customize invoices the way you want them.
b) Sub-Renting add-on to better track items that you borrow and then rent out. You’d also be able to run insightful analytics on them.
c) A filter to drill down to list items that are Available During a Specified Date Range.
d) We’re also planning to introduce Paypal Integration so that your customers can pay online via PayPal in addition to the credit card option that already exists. Let us know if this interests you.
Hit the “Send Feedback” button to let us know what you think.

. For direct queries, write to us at

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