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Asset Intelligence and Management

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Streamline Asset Stock/Inventory Management: Set Quantity Thresholds for Locations with EZRentOut

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Businesses with multiple Locations may need to stock different Asset Stock and Inventory quantities depending on the requirements of that particular Location. 

EZRentOut makes it easy to manage these varying quantities with Location-based Thresholds. You can use this functionality to set a default minimum and maximum value or set custom thresholds for specific Locations. 

  • Default Low Location Thresholds: If you do not specify a threshold for a specific Location, this default value will automatically apply and you will receive an alert when quantity falls below it. 
  • Default Excess Location Thresholds: Likewise, for Locations without a specified threshold, anytime the quantity is higher than this default value, you will receive an email alert.

Now let’s discuss in more detail. 

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Getting started with Location-based Thresholds

To get started go to the Items page → Asset Stock → Add/Edit Asset Stock. Whether you are creating a new item or editing an existing one, scroll down to the bottom of the page to find Location Specific Thresholds. 

Note: You can follow this workflow for Inventory as well.

If you decide to set ‘Low Location Threshold’ and ‘Excess Location Threshold’ for the Default Location category, these values will automatically apply to all Locations. 

However, if you want to set specific thresholds for particular Locations, click on Add Location Specific Thresholds. Now select a Location from the drop down menu and set the thresholds for it. 

In the example above, the highlighted Default Location Thresholds values will automatically apply to all Locations, except the ones selected from the Location drop down menu i.e. Austin Office and Warehouse 241. 

Once you have set the Location threshold levels you can view if the item is equal to, above, or below that level, from the Item Details page. For items that are stocked at multiple Locations, you can also view the ‘Status’ at each individual Location. 

Note: If Low/Excess Location Threshold is set to 0, then the user will not get any alerts for that particular location. 

Importing Location-based Thresholds with Excel

If you want to make bulk updates to threshold levels of asset stock and inventory, you can mass import this information. 

Go to Asset Stock/Inventory Listings Page → Import Asset Stock/Inventory → Import Location Based Threshold. 

Once you import the Excel File, map the appropriate columns. Please note that this is only possible for the Asset Stock/Inventory Items that are already added on the Listings Page. 

Remember to add the Location name or Location number. After the mapping is complete, you can preview the information and then click Import to complete the process. 

Filtering by Location-based Thresholds

You can use the filter option on the Listing Page to view items according to their Location Threshold status. Go to the Asset Stock/Inventory Listings Page → Location Stock View and select Low Location Stock/Excess Location Stock. 

You will then be able to choose Low Location Stock/ Excess Location Stock from the Filter drop down menu. 

As an example, the image below shows the results after a filter for Excess Location Stock was applied. 

Mass Edit for Default Location Threshold

You can also mass edit items for which you have configured Default Location Threshold settings. On the Asset Stock/Inventory Listings page, Actions → Edit. 

Low/Excess Location Threshold Alerts

To set up alerts for low/excess Location Thresholds go to the Navigation Menu → Alerts→ My Alerts → Items.

Location Threshold Alerts on top Navigation Menu

You can also access the Low/Excess Location Threshold notification from the top navigation bar. Click on the drop down menu of the bell icon to view alerts. 

Clicking on the notification will take you to the  Stock Threshold Alerts page. Here you can view the details of which items are in low or excess quantities and make changes/updates such as generating a Purchase Order for a low stock item. 

Location-based Threshold Reports

We have also added reports for Location Based Thresholds. From the side Navigation Menu go to Reports → Asset Stock/Inventory Reports → Low/Excess Stock.

Below is an example of what a report on excess stock Location will look like. 

If you need specific information, you can also generate a Custom Report. Select Asset Stock or Inventory in Step 1 and then select from the highlighted columns in Step 2. 

This is what the final report will look like.

Add Location Threshold KPIs to your Dashboard

View Location Based Thresholds KPIs at a glance from the dashboard by adding the appropriate widgets.  From the main Dashboard go to Add/Edit Widgets and select the following options. 

This is how they will appear on the Dashboard.

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