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[How-to] Customize Navigation System in EZRentOut

[How-to] Customize Navigation System in EZRentOut
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For every rental business in any industry, the operational workflows may differ significantly. Even two businesses from the same industry will have different approaches to getting from point A to point B. In EZRentOut, we understand that customization is key to streamlining your rental operations. We offer complete customization for the navigation within the rental software for the Account Owner. This empowers you to keep key metrics and operations at hand for easy and quick access.

Here is how you customize the navigation sidebar in EZRentOut:

Customize Navigation for your rental business and workflows

To customize the navigation in EZRentOut, on the side panel, go to More → Customize → Navigation.

Note: Only an Account Owner can customize the Navigation.

Click on More_then Customize_then Navigation

Clicking this will redirect you to the Navigation details page.

On the left ‘Main Menu’, you can click and drag any single menu up and down. Rearrange it to your requirements.

On the right ‘Preview’ section, you will be able to see the customization happening in real-time.

Navigation details page

Once you have customized the Navigation sidebar to your rental workflows and business requirements, click ‘SAVE CHANGES’.

A notification at the bottom left will notify you that your required customization has been successfully implemented.

Navigation changes saved

Note: Any Navigation customizations you make will be applied and reflected to all users.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact our support.

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