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NY CheeseCake – Feature Release May 2016 – Equipment Rental Software

feature releaseThis month, we’re celebrating new integrations, order-tracking enhancements, and more! As always, our goal is to make our equipment rental software a seamless fit for your rental business. Read up on what’s in store for you in our latest feature release – the ‘NY Cheesecake’.

electronic signatureElectronic Signatures for PrintOuts: A much requested feature is out now! Printouts generated in EZRentOut can now be electronically signed by customers. These PrintOuts include rental agreements, invoices, quotations, packing lists, and order receipts. You can add a signature pad to a printout template from More Order PrintOuts. Learn More. Useful in cases where you pull up a rental order for a customer, say Emily Ronalds. You can choose an invoice with a signature pad added. Emily can use a mouse, trackpad, or even a jot pad to draw her signatures on the invoice, or simply use a stylus or your finger in case of a tablet/iPad. Additionally, these printouts can be saved in a PDF. You can either print them or email them to the customers with their recorded signatures.

order cancellationOrder Cancellation: Enhancements have been added to the order module in EZRentOut. You can now track cancelled orders, which enables businesses to get insights into order cancellations. For notifications on cancelled orders, enable alerts for ‘Order Cancellation Request’ and ‘Order Cancelled’ from More Alerts. How does this work? Customers can now request web order cancellation via the customer portal or over phone, while a user/admin can cancel booked and web orders. At the same time, cancelled orders cannot be deleted by the users, so a record of all your orders remains. However, a user can clone the cancelled orders for later use.

alerts for customersCustomization of Alerts for Customers: The email alerts in EZRentOut can now be customized from More Alerts for Customers. You can add new email templates for your customers which best describes an action e.g. check in/out order, booking of order, web order placement, order cancelled, etc. Add placeholders that contain dynamic data such as recipient name, order number, company name, etc. By customizing alert emails you build a better and lasting relationship with your customers. Say whenever a customer signs up via your company’s webstore, a welcome email that’s in line with your brand image can be sent. You can send a special discount code or even a monthly product newsletter along with the welcome note.

SAML SSOSAML Integration: We now support SAML SSO authentication in EZRentOut. Users in your organization can access EZRentOut through SAML. This also eliminates the use of passwords via centralizing access control and prevents illegal or unnecessary access from former employees. To start, enable SAML Integration from Settings → Add Ons. Learn More

LDAPLDAP Server Integration: Some of our subscribers wanted to sync their customers’ database with EZRentOut or wanted to avoid replicating LDAP customers. For such cases, we now provide seamless LDAP server integration with EZRentOut. Customers in your organization can use their LDAP credentials to access our equipment rental software. Additionally, you can import customers’ data from your LDAP server to your EZRentOut account in a flick and the data syncs up automatically. Enable LDAP Server Integration from Settings Add Ons. Learn More

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