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EZRentOut Blogs October 2018 Release Notes 2

EZRentOut October 2018 Release Notes

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This October, we’ve developed improved our Webstore experience, made Recurring Orders more flexible, and a host of added enhancements. Here’s what you’ve got to look forward to.

Webstore Cart Widget

This feature makes it extremely easy to add a Webstore Cart plugin to your main website. It’s a great way to remind your customers about the contents of their carts when they last visited your Webstore, and can help lower cart abandonment!

Webstore Domain Ownership Verification

Google Analytics, AdWords and other analysis tools often require you to verify your domain by adding a <meta> tag to the HTML of a specified page. To this end, our new feature allows you to add multiple meta tags to your main Webstore page.

QuickBooks Desktop Enhancements

Our new sync type gives you more options when syncing data between QuickBooks and EZRentOut. You can choose whether you want to sync all data since your last sync, all data from a specific date, or even just all data since account inception.

Boolean Custom Field

We’ve added boolean custom fields for Orders, Purchase Orders, Work Orders, and more. This can help you see whether an order requires deliveries, for example. You can even run reports on these for improved insights into bottlenecks.

Editable Late Fees

Late Fees were not editable in the Order line items table the way rental prices were. Now, we’ve given you options to allow Admins, Staff Users, or both to edit these fees. This allows you more flexibility in the way you process rental charges.

Add or Remove Items to a Rented Out Order

Who hasn’t had to add or remove a few items in an already Rented Out order? This is helpful if you’ve missed a few items, have received an Order for more, or need to process returns. Changed quantities will be adjusted accordingly on the back-end.

Late Fee Syncs with Accounting Software

You can now sync Late Fees on all the accounting software we integrate with, including QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, as well as Xero. This helps you centralize payment details and gives you a clearer understanding of the amount you’re owed.

Recurring Orders by Date

While you could previously create Recurring Orders based on time intervals, our new enhancement causes billing to recur on a specific date every month. This is extremely helpful for companies that rent out orders based on dates rather than durations.

Custom Prefix of Orders on Printout Templates

You can customize the prefix text of all printout templates, such as Invoices, Quotes, Receipts, and more. While an Order Printout will have the same sequence number as the Order it is associated with, it can be prefixed however you’d like.

Embed Images in the Order Printout

You can now embed images directly into an Order Printout. This is helpful when store owners want to keep a record of an item’s condition before and after its rental period. It can furnish proof of damaged goods, and help owners claim damages more easily.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us a 

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