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Square Point of Sale and Online Rental Software: Charge, Swipe and Increase Sales Seamlessly

EZR - Square POS

The order experience in EZRentOut is specifically designed keeping the Point of Sale in mind for our online rental software. This includes quick editing of orders, constant feedback as to what’s available, barcode scanner integration and credit card swipe.

The Credit Card Swipe is available with Square, Stripe, Braintree, Moneris, and

Payment gateways are services that enable users to process credit cards when making online payments. These solutions act as a channel between paying and receiving bank accounts while ensuring security and swift processing.

For information on integrating our online rental software with other payment gateways, click: | Stripe | PayPal | PayPal Payflow | Braintree

EZRentOut supports the following features on Square POS Integration

Payment via Mobile App Refund Payments Multiple Gateways QuickBooks Sync (Desktop and Online) Xero Sync

1. Integrating the Square account

1) You’ll need a Square account to manage Credit Card payments via Square POS (Point of Sale). EZRentOut does not charge any commission/fee on a transaction.

2) Set up your Square account from EZRentOut by going to Settings → Add Ons → Enable Payments through Credit Card → Select ‘Use Square’.

Note: If Square is enabled as your preferred payment method in EZRentOut, CC (Credit Card) payments won’t be allowed on the Webstore.

Your credit card credentials won’t be saved on file as you’ll be redirected to your Square account where you’ll have to manually enter card against every transaction. You also need to have the Square mobile application installed on your device to experience successful payments with Square.

Warning: To enable Square payments, you must disable payments through Webstore under Store Settings → Order Settings.

3) Once you click ‘Connect with Square’, you’ll need to authenticate your Square account. This will take you to Square’s login page.square login page

4) Provide the necessary permissions to Square. An OAuth dialog box will appear, click ‘Allow’ to continue (see image below):

Square permissions

5) Once you’ve allowed EZRentOut access to your Square POS account, it will redirect you to your EZRentOut account.

6) You’ll be asked to choose the location in Square where EZRentOut will process your transactions. These locations are predefined in your Square account. For example, you want ‘NYC Headquarters – Accounts’ to record all your transactions. Hit ‘Connect’.

Note: You can always change the Square location from Settings → Add Ons → Enable Payment through Credit Card → Use Square → Square Location Name. Here, click ‘Change’.

7) Upon successful connection, you’ll be shown a message on top of the Add Ons page and the message “You are connected with Square” will be visible under Enable Payments through Credit card → Use Square.
You are connected with Square

8) Once you’re all set, scroll down to the end of the settings page to click the ‘Update’ button and save the settings.

2. Setting up the hardware

If you’re looking to charge your customers remotely i.e. without an in-store credit card swipe, you can skip this section. However, if you charge your customers through an in-store credit card swipe, follow Step 3 given in the link below:

Setting up Hardware and the Square App

3. Setting up Square POS mobile application

1) Download the Square mobile application for your device from here: Square Point of Sale – iOS | Android 

Square POS mobile app

Note: You must also have the EZRentOut mobile application (iOS | Android) installed on your device.

2) Once the Square mobile app is installed, here’s what you need to do. The process is the same for both iOS and Android mobile applications:

– Sign in to the account you’ve integrated with EZRentOut from the Add Ons page.

– The app will require you to enable a few device settings: Location Services, Device Storage, and Phone Access (see image below).device settings

– On enabling Location Services, you’ll have to give the Square app access to your current location.

Note: Location must be enabled under your device’s Location Settings.

– Access permissions will also be required on enabling device storage and phone access.

3) You can now make transactions using Square mobile app on your device.

4. Charging payments and swiping cards

You need the EZRentOut mobile application to charge credit card payments using Square POS, simplifying your rental experience with our online rental software.

1) Click on an Order Details Page, scroll to the bottom, and click ‘Charge Payment’.

Charge payment

Note: You can receive Credit Card payments via Square POS on all the Orders wherever ‘Charge Payment’ is an option. Void and Completed Orders are exempted.

2) The ‘Charge Payment’ overlay will appear. Click on the ‘Payment Method’ dropdown and choose ‘Credit Card’ as your payment method.

square credit card

3) Hit ‘Update’ on the overlay. This will take you to the Square mobile app on the same device.

4) On the Square mobile app, choose ‘Credit Card’. Enter your credit card number or just swipe through the Square reader attached to your device (follow the steps given under ‘Setting up the hardware’ mentioned above in this blog).cc payment on square

Note: Square does not accommodate auto-population of the Credit Card Number regardless of whether it has been saved.

5) Upon a successful transaction, a message will pop up. Once done, you’ll be redirected to the Order Details Page in EZRentOut. The Order state will change accordingly. Learn More about the Order States in EZRentOut.

You can also make Square credit card payments for Recurring Orders and Default Invoice Line Items.

Note: In the process of charging payments in Square, please do not interrupt the “Transaction Complete” page by clicking Home, Back or any other buttons. To complete and record the payment successfully, the Square App needs to invoke the EZRentOut App.

5. Syncing Square payments with accounting applications

Whether you’re using Quickbooks or Xero, the following apply:

  • Square customer details and payments sync to the application whenever relevant transactions are synced. 
  • All payments made in the accounting applications are synced to EZRentOut and vice vera.
  • If an EZRentOut customer doesn’t exist in Quickbooks/Xero, they’re automatically created when they rent out an Order in EZRentOut.
  • All details (except payments) are pushed from EZRentOut to the application. Transactions, customers or taxes from Quickbooks or Xero are not pulled to EZRentOut.
  • All payments recorded via Square (by default, all rented out Orders) can be synced to your accounting application. For QuickBooks, the path is Sales –> Invoices. For Xero, the path is Accounts –> Sales –> Invoices.qb sync

6. Requesting refunds

Refunds can be requested from both the mobile and the web applications for EZRentOut. All Completed Orders show a ‘Refund’ button in the Pricing Table.

If you’re wondering how to integrate these accounting applications with EZRentOut, read the QuickBooks Online Integration, QuickBooks Desktop Integration, or the Xero integration blogs.

7. Troubleshooting common errors

Are you facing an error when managing payments via Square for your EZRentOut account? Here’s a list of commonly occurring errors that you may come across, as well as their solutions:

a) After making the payment, it is updated in my Square account but not in the EZRentOut account.

Whenever you pay through Square, you have to wait a few seconds before it automatically redirects you to your EZRentOut account and the payment gets updated there too.

However, some customers pay through Square, close the application, and then manually open the EZRentOut app themselves, without waiting to be redirected to it. As a result of this, the payment is not updated in the EZRentOut account. Simply wait for the Square app to redirect you to the EZRentOut one to view the updated payment information.

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