Asset Intelligence and Management
Asset Intelligence and Management

How do I replace an item scheduled for maintenance from future orders?

Suppose you run a photo gear rental business. You book a Canon lens for a future Order.

Before the Order reaches its Rent Out date, the lens breaks down and needs servicing. It’s obvious that you can’t rent this item out as it’s not in its optimal condition. You will have to replace this Item in your Order with a functioning counterpart.

EZRentOut enables you to replace an Item under maintenance from any future Orders that are associated with this Item. It saves you the need to create a new Order.

Once you have scheduled your broken Canon lens for servicing, you can replace it from any associated Orders for the functioning lens in your stock in one go.

To carry this out, you must go to the Asset Details Page of the relevant Canon Lens and click on the Replace Asset in Orders button as shown below:

Replace Assets in Orders

This opens up an overlay that lists all the Orders that contain this Item.

Replace items in orders

Type in Asset details of the Lens that will replace the Lens scheduled for maintenance in the ‘Replace with’ search bar.

Next, select the Orders you want this action to apply to, and hit Replace.

This action will replace the broken lens for a functioning one in all the Orders that you have selected.

Note: You can carry out this action for all future Orders (including Drafted, Booked, Rented Out, Web Drafted and Web Booked Orders).