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[How-to] Integrate Sage Accounting with EZRentOut 

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Rental businesses usually handle thousands of invoices every day. Reconciling accounting records manually can be time-consuming and operationally inefficient during busy days.  

Connecting your EZRentOut account with Sage accounting automates the syncing of orders and invoices – in particular, it eliminates repetitive actions required for each transaction.

Every accounting transaction, from managing expenses to recording payments, is synced and reflected in Sage within seconds. The invoices are updated in real-time as soon as they are created, updated, or paid in EZRentOut. The two-way sync also reflects any transaction changes on the Sage account in EZRentOut. 

Every time you rent out or complete an order in EZRentOut, the customer or business contact details are simultaneously synced with the respective order details in Sage, saving time on invoice completion and payment processing. 

Benefits of the Sage Integration 

  • Seamless cashflow management and invoicing: All your rental transactions, invoices, and payment records are automatically synced with Sage Business Cloud. 
  • Accurate payment management: A holistic view of payments paid, pending, or overdue helps your business stay on top of customer payments.
  • Customer and business sync in real-time: Manage a complete list of contacts with their respective order, shipping, and payment information in either platform via two-way sync. 

Let’s look at the workflow to help you get started with the integration: 

Integrate the Sage account 

Currently, the Supported Regions and Subscriptions are UK (Accounting Standard, Accounting Plus), and US (Accounting Standard)

i. Set up your Sage account from EZRentOut. Go to → Settings Add OnsIntegrate Sage Business Cloud Computing. 

ii. Once you click ‘Connect’, you’ll need to authenticate your Sage account. This will take you to Sage’s login page. 

iii. Provide the necessary permissions to Sage. An OAuth dialog box will appear, click ‘Allow’ to continue.

iv. Once you’ve given EZRentOut access to your Sage account, it will redirect you to your EZRentOut account. 

v. The next step is to specify a Chart of Accounts for Sage Accounts and Payments. 

The video below shows how you can choose which EZRentOut accounts will be mapped to which Sage income accounts. For example, the Rental Income account in EZRentOut will be mapped to the Professional Fees account in Sage. 

You can also choose which EZRentOut accounts will be mapped to which Sage payment accounts. For example, the Credit card payments account in EZRentOut will be mapped to the Checking account in Sage. 

vi. Click ‘Connect’ and your EZRentOut account will successfully be connected to Sage. 

Sync your customers and businesses with Sage 

i. Individual Customers

You can sync individual customers with Sage. Let’s sync Arla Royal – a customer in EZRentOut to Sage. Go to → CustomersPersons tab → Customer Details page. Click the Sync with Sage option from the More dropdown menu. 

Once Arla Royal’s customer account is synced successfully, the Synced with Sage field shown above will be set to Yes, which is hyperlinked to the Sage customer information page as shown below: 

ii. Businesses 

You can also sync your businesses to Sage. Let’s sync Atlanta Constructions – a business in EZRentOut, to Sage. Go to → CustomersBusinesses Business Details page. Click the Sync with Sage button on the right side. 

Once Atlanta Constructors as a business is synced successfully, the Synced with Sage field shown above will be set to Yes, which is hyperlinked to the Sage customer information page as shown below: 

When you sync a business account, all its contacts are automatically synced. For example, Jack Alex, the primary contact of the business is shown under contacts and addresses in Sage. 

iii. Import Sage customers to EZRentOut

To mass import customers from Sage, Go to your Sage account and choose Customers from the Contacts dropdown. Select all your customers and export them as a CSV file. 

Now you can import the CSV file to EZRentOut. 

Go to Customers and click Add New Customers from the Import dropdown menu. Map your columns with customer names, email addresses, telephone numbers, and other details to upload your file successfully.  

Note: After you have imported customers on EZRentOut, you’ll have to sync your customers individually to Sage again and this will create duplicate customer records in your Sage account. 

Sync invoices from the Order Details page

You can now also sync your customer invoices. On the Order details page, click the Sync Invoice with Sage button from the More dropdown menu. 

If the business or customer for which the order is created is not already synced with Sage, then their details will be synced before the order details are synced with Sage. 

After the order invoice is synced successfully, the order line item will show the message ‘View in Sage” as shown below: 

Clicking on the button will redirect you to this invoice in Sage. 

Any changes to invoices in EZRentOut will be reflected in the Sage account as well. For example, a refund amount of $2,500 to Arla Royal in EZRentOut has reduced the amount to be paid by the customer from $4,639.80 to $2,139.80 in Sage as shown below: 

Sage sync status and history 

As your sync is complete, you can view detailed information on its status under the History tab. For example, please select Sage Order Sync Logs and see that Order 4 successfully synced on multiple dates and failed to sync once for the reason shown below: 

Similarly, you can see complete information on synced invoices by selecting Sage Payment Sync Logs. You can see below that the invoice of Order 4 was synced four times with Sage, each entry showing the amount, action, and status. 

A note on tax syncs for Sage UK

For order level taxes:
Each order should have a tax rate chosen appropriately.

The sync will not be allowed if:
-You have chosen multiple taxes
-You have chosen a tax other than the 5 default taxes
-You have applied order level tax but tax is not applied to some items

For line item level taxes:
The sync will not be allowed if no tax is applied to a line item.

For line items including discounts where the system does not apply taxes, a Zero-Rated tax will be forwarded to Sage UK. This also applies to external line items.

Easily integrate Sage with EZRentOut to automate bookkeeping and save time!

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