Summer Brew – June 2015 Release

Summer Brew Rental Software Features
Summer is finally here folks! It is the busiest time of the year for rental businesses. This month’s EZRentOut release has a number of features designed to increase your business’s efficiency during the busy season.

Recurring OrdersRECURRING ORDERS: Has periodic (automatic) invoicing for long term rentals been a challenge? For example, an RV leased out for 6 weeks with weekly payments. You can now set up a recurrence in such cases. In this example, periodic invoices will be generated for next 6 weeks and customers will be notified every week for payments through emails. Enable recurrence from Settings -> Add Ons -> Recurring Orders. Add recurrence to orders from Order detail page.

Rental Bundles PackagesSUPERCHARGED BUNDLES: Bundles is a productivity boosting tool to make packages and promotional bundles, or to simply combine items that are rented out together. Build a bundle by adding multiple items from bundle lines (asset, asset stock, inventory, etc). For example, a Beach Photoshoot bundle can have 2 DSLR Cameras, 3 Lenses, 2 Tripods. The rental rates will come out as per the individual pricing of the items you’ve listed.

SettingsCUSTOM FIELDS WITH ORDERS: Custom fields (which previously came with items) are now also available for Orders. Add new data fields to your orders to record details like Shipment ID, Delivery Instructions or any other custom detail that your workflow requires. Add custom fields to your orders from More -> Custom Fields -> Orders -> Click ‘Add Custom Field’.

Per Minute Rental RateRENTAL RATES BY MINUTE: Set up rental pricing with more flexibility. Along with hourly, daily, weekly and monthly pricing, you can now set up ‘By Minute’ Rental Rates. If your customers rent bikes for short trips, you provide them maximum value for money by charging ‘by the minute’. Set per minute pricing on each asset from Items -> Assets -> Asset Detail Page. You can also customize the asset listing page to display column for per minute rental rate.

Rental MeterRENTAL METER: Do you need to keep track of the number of days your generator has been rented out since its last service? The rental meter makes this and other such useful scenarios possible. On top of ‘accumulating’ rental hours (much like your car’s odometer), set a threshold value to get an email alert when the running total exceeds the entered value. Enable Rental Meter from Settings -> Add Ons and set the rental meter threshold on the asset page.

Rental Software More FeaturesWe are not done yet, there is more…
– Order Assignment has been optimized to only show counts of active orders.
– Asset Aggregate Quantity Report has been added on a popular request. The report give aggregate counts e.g. number of assets from ‘Furniture Group’ at ‘NY’ location.
– Mobile App has been touched up to improve bundles, custom fields and recurring orders.
– Knowledge Base and FAQs uploaded. Click here.

Coming Up – Web Store RedesignedRental Web Store
Our next feature release includes a complete Web Store overhaul and redesign – customers being able to sign up themselves, rent out items with a more specialized shopping experience and be able to place an order faster.

Send Feedback. We love receiving them.
Do send in your feedback on these enhancements in our Rental Software. You can also log your suggestions on our Community Forum or join in the conversation on twitter @ezrentout. It helps us shape our equipment rental software monthly releases.


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