Setting up Topaz Signature Pad with EZRentOut

Topaz signature pad for EZRentOut

EZRentOut now supports the Topaz signature pad for capturing electronic signatures. This enables you to capture signatures more conveniently, thereby creating a smoother verification process for your users.

Here is everything you need to set up electronic signatures using Topaz on EZRentOut:

  1. Topaz Signature Pad Model T-S460-HSB-R
  2. Topaz SigPlusExtLite Installation File
  3. Topaz SigPlusExtLite Browser Extension
  4. SigPlus Software Installation File
  5. Plus or above EZRentOut features plan

Note: We do not support Topaz Integration for Mac OS users yet. We recommend using this signature pad for Mac users.


1. Set up the Topaz Signature Pad
2. Enable Topaz Signature Pad on EZRentOut
3. Capture electronic signature for your invoices
4. Alerts to watch out for while signing

1. Set up the Topaz Signature Pad

Here’s a step-by-step guide for setting up the pad. You’ll have to install the support files for the hardware integration to work.

  1. Download Executable File and Install: Download the SigPlusExt application to your device.
  2. Add Browser Extensions:
    1. Chrome Extension: Add the Topaz SigPlusExtLite Chrome Extension from the Chrome Webstore. Click on “Add to Chrome”.
    2. Mozilla Firefox: Add the Topaz SigPlusExtLite Firefox Extension from the Firefox Add-Ons. Click on “Okay, Got it”
    3. Microsoft Edge: Add the Topaz SigPlusExtLite Microsoft Edge (Chromium) Extension from the Chrome Webstore. Click on “Add to Chrome”.
    4. Opera: Add the Topaz SigPlusExtLite Opera Extension from the Opera Add-Ons. Click on “+Add to Opera”
  3. Download Executable File: Download the SigPlus Software to your device.
  4. Install the application: Once the above installation file has been downloaded, run the .exe file to start the installation. When prompted, set “T-S” as the Tablet Model Group, “T-S460” as the Tablet Model, and “HSB (USB type)” as the Connection Type.
  5. Connect the pad: Connect your Topaz pad to your laptop USB port.
  6. Successful Installation: Click the link to check if the installation is successful

2. Enable Topaz Signature Pad on EZRentOut

Once you have your hardware and corresponding files installed, enable the Topaz Add On from your EZRentOut account. Go to Settings → Add Ons → Enable Topaz Signature Pad Integration.

3. Capture electronic signature for your invoices

So far, you can only add signatures to invoices via the Topaz signature pad. To do so, go to More → Printout templates → Order and create a new Invoice template or edit a previous one.

Click ‘+Add’ in the Details After Line Items section of the template.

Choose ‘Signature Pad’ from the dialog box that appears.

Once you’ve done that, click on the Signature Pad option that appears in the template. This allows you to customize the signature pad as you require. You can also choose to make the signature mandatory. This means you must provide a signature on all future invoices.

Don’t forget to do is scroll down and hit the ‘Update’ button to save your template.

Now, whenever you create an invoice using this template, you’ll have to draw the signature using the Topaz signature pad. To begin, click on the ‘Draw’ button as shown below:

This will open up another dialog to capture your signature. Time to register your signatures on the pad! Once you’ve drawn your signatures, click the green tick at the top-right. You can now safely save and download the invoice as you wish.

topaz pad box

4. Alerts to watch out for while signing

While capturing your electronic signature, a couple of alerts might appear. Here, we’ll go over some common alerts and why they appear.

Alert 1: Clicking on Draw multiple times

If you click on the ‘Draw’ button more than once, an alert will appear that says:

SigCapture failed to start, another instance already running.

The Topaz pad might take a while to open but try to only click the ‘Draw’ button once. Multiple instances cannot run at the same time.

Alert 2: Clicking on an empty drawing space

If you click on the drawing space, the following alert will appear:

Please click draw button to capture signature using Topaz signature pad.

If you’re capturing your signature with the Topaz signature pad, you cannot draw on the drawing space. You have to first click the ‘Draw’ button to capture your signature using the Topaz signature pad.

If you wish to sign on the drawing space, you can do so by selecting the ‘Capture signature using your trackpad or mouse’ checkbox.

Alert 3: Clicking on the drawing space after the signature has been captured

If you click on the drawing space after the signature has been captured, this will elicit the following error:

Please click Draw to capture the signature again using Topaz signature pad

In case you meant to draw your signature again, you’ll have to do so by clicking on the ‘Draw’ button. Alternatively, you can check ‘Capture signature using your trackpad or mouse’ on the checkout dialog to sign on to the drawing space.

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