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EZRentOut Blogs Track Pickup Status Of Orders With Ezrentout

Track Pickup Status of Orders With EZRentout

Streamline the rental process for yourself and your customers with EZRentOut’s new feature that enables you to schedule a pickup time and date for orders that are being returned. Stay on top of the entire process by marking an order as scheduled for pickup, picked up, or canceled, and get notifications for upcoming pickup times. 

Here’s how you can set it up. 

Getting Started With Pickup Status

To enable the feature go to Company Settings  → Sending out and Returning Items of an Order and click Pick up Address. 


Pick up status on the Order details and listing page

After you enable the settings, the Order details page provides an option to pick up Items and add an address, date, and time for pickup. 

 If you want to customize pickup dates and times, enable it from Settings ->AddOns -> Pickup time.

You can also enable pickup times on the Webstore and choose the number of Orders per pickup slot. 

Now you’ll be able to set different Pickup dates and times on the Orders detail page as shown below:

You can either choose to keep the default Pickup Date or click on it to pop up an overlay to choose a different date:


Similarly, a different pickup time can be set from the Pickup Time drop-down time menu when you click on the default Pickup time:

Once you are done, the status of the Order will change to Scheduled for Pickup.

On the Orders listing page, this order will display a truck icon next to it. Hover over it to see the Pickup date.

Filter for Pickup status 

You can also filter out the pickup statuses of Orders from the filter drop-down on the Orders listing page.


Once you have applied the filter, it will list all Orders that are picked up, scheduled, or canceled. 


Printing out the Pickup slip 

Once the order is picked up from the customer, you can “Mark Order as Picked up” by clicking the highlighted  button on the right corner of the Order details page

As you click the button, an overlay will appear highlighting the Pickup details. You can verify details and click “Mark as Picked up and Print slip”

Your Pickup slip will be downloaded in a PDF format for record-keeping.

The Order status will automatically change to Picked up 


Alerts for Pickup status 

If you would like your staff to receive alerts about pickups, go to Alerts -> Staff Alerts. Setting up this alert will ensure that the staff receives an email when pickups are due. pickup

Similarly, you can send email notifications to your customers that the order is picked up. Go to Alerts -> Customer Alerts. 

You can attach the slip with the email for customers to view pickup details. 

View Pickup status on the dashboard

You can also view Orders to be Picked Up as a KPI on the main dashboard. Click on the information to go to the Order Details page to get complete information on these orders. 


Pickup status in Reports 

You can now run reports to get insights into order pickup details. Go to Reports -> Custom Reports -> Choose Orders from the drop-down menu and you will get the following options


About EZRentOut

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