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Streamline Webstore Checkouts by Enabling Customers to Easily Add Required Documents to Orders

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Rental businesses often require their customers to successfully upload documents to process the rental order. For example, if a customer is renting a truck, you would need them to provide a copy of their driver license. EZRentOut’s Upload Documents on Cart Checkout feature enables your Customers to easily upload any required documents while renting out an Order on the Webstore. You can specify the type, size and number of documents they can upload and also enable a setting to review and approve these documents. 

Let’s take a deeper look at how this feature works: 

Getting Started with Upload Documents on Cart Checkout 

To enable the feature, go to Settings Store Settings Upload Documents on Cart Checkout and click Enabled. 

Here you can also check a setting that enables a review of uploaded documents and restricts Checkout until documents are approved. 

upload documents

Enabling this setting will ensure that a notification is sent to a Staff User or an Admin that a document has been uploaded. The documents can then be checked for accuracy and the Order will be processed only after the verification is complete. 

Use the file uploader to specify document details 

You can add details about the required document using the file uploader option.  

upload documents

Here you can name the document and provide a description so customers can understand the requirement correctly. You can also set a limit on the number of documents that can be uploaded and the maximum file size that can be uploaded. There are various file formats that your Customers can choose from and upload it as per available format option.

Say you may need a Customer to upload an insurance certificate in order to complete a rental Order.

You can update the file uploader as follow:

  1. The Name field can be used to state the name of the document required, which in this case is Insurance Certificate.
  2. The Description field can be used to provide instructions about uploading a certain document. For example: “Please upload an insurance certificate.”
  3. The Maximum number of files quantifies the number of files that can be uploaded.
  4. The Maximum file size field limits the size of each file.
  5. The Allowed file formats field lets you choose the file format from the dropdown menu. As you choose the format, it becomes an Available file format for customers to choose from. 
  6. Checking the Make mandatory option will ensure that uploading  the required document becomes mandatory.  

upload documents

Uploading documents for Webstore Checkouts

Once you have enabled Upload Documents on Cart Checkout, your Customers can view Checkout on Webstore as follows:

upload documents

Here, the Customer is required to upload a driving license before checking out the tractor. The file name will appear on the screen as the Customer uploads the document. 

If the document uploaded meets the supported format, file size criteria, then Order will be placed. An overlay will appear as follows: 

upload documents

Approve/reject uploaded documents from the Order detail page

The documents uploaded on the Webstore show status as pending. If the required setting is enabled, the Staff User/Admin is required to verify the documents and accept/reject them in order to change the status to approved/rejected. 

The Staff User/Admin will see a bell icon alert about Webstore Checkout Documents on the top right corner of EZRentOut’s main page as shown below:

upload documents

Clicking on the alert will take you to the Listing page displaying Orders for which approvals are pending.As you click on the order number, you’ll be directed to the Order details page. 

Scroll down to the files section. Here the Order documents section lists all uploaded documents by Customer on the Webstore. The documents are checked and verified as per requirement. Once verification is complete, Staff/Admin can click the horizontal ellipses on the side highlighted below and accept the documents

The Order will be processed and the status of documents will change from pending to accepted.

Upload documents

Note: The document status will automatically be accepted if the settings for Staff/Admin to review documents are not enabled. 

In cases where documents are rejected, the Customer will be asked to replace documents to proceed with their Order.

Alerts for Upload Documents on Cart Checkouts

We have added a new alert for this feature. Go to More → Alerts → Customer Alerts and scroll down to Attachments Approved/Rejected to activate this alert.

upload documents

Activating this Alert will let Customers know about acceptance or rejection of their documents. Upon verification of the files, the Order will be processed or if files are rejected, the Customer will get an alert that the attached document was rejected.

upload documents

The customer will visit the Order on the Webstore –  Webstore -> My Orders

Upload documents

Clicking on the order number will direct the customer to the Order details on the Webstore. The documents and images section of the page will show the status of documents as rejected. 

The Customer can replace the document by clicking the purple button highlighted above. Once the documents are uploaded, the Staff/Admin will receive an alert for verification. After the documents are verified,the status will change to accepted and the Order will be processed. 

Just as Alerts are received when documents are uploaded, Staff/Admin can get alerts when the documents are replaced by customers. 

To enable these settings, Go to More → Alerts → Staff Alerts and scroll down to Documents uploaded against order on Webstore

upload documents

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