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Asset Intelligence and Management

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Case Study

Affordable Roll-Offs Automates Dumpster Tracking and Centralizes Rental Asset Management

The rental industry is known to generate consistent profits simply by reusing inventory. Like many rental professionals, this appealed to Norman Abarca and made him launch Affordable Roll-Offs in 2016 upon eyeing the right opportunity.

The company has only grown since then and has established quite a reputation for itself.

Unsurprisingly, the road to success for Affordable Roll-Offs was laden with several pitfalls. A grave lack of automation and consolidation was slowing them down and online revenue was nil. Abarca recounts his struggles with management roadblocks in the early days of Roll-Offs.

Struggling with startup stress and time management

As Affordable Roll-Offs kicked off operations, tracking its growing fleet of dumpsters gradually became complicated. Simple processes took up far more time than necessary. Consequently, Affordable Roll-Offs could not effectively use its time and resources. All this boiled down to lower productivity and slower growth.

Abarca identified three main sources for this turbulence:

  • Entirely manual processes
    The management setup for Affordable Roll-Offs comprised of free software, such as Google Docs, and old-school pen and paper. This meant dumpster whereabouts and updates were tedious to record, time-consuming, and laden with errors.
  • Lack of consolidation
    Roll-Offs didn’t have a central database to consolidate data regarding its operations. The company was using several different platforms, each for a singular function. Having order data in one place, item data in another, and payment records elsewhere, the system was bound to fail them.
  • No stream for online orders
    With all modern businesses trying to tap into the online market, Roll-Offs was suffering without an online store. All orders were taken in-store during operational hours meaning that Roll-Offs was letting online revenue pass it by.

Enroute to automation

Abarca finally realized that manual management was becoming too demanding. Something just had to be done.

In this pursuit, he went through several solutions online and found EZRentOut to be just what he was looking for. It brought him fleet control in no time.

Getting everything set up and integrated with EZRentOut was very easy. The rental software automated dumpster tracking and order management for Roll-Offs and consolidated everything onto a single platform. What especially made the transition easy was the assistance of the support team.

The communication was really great. Any problem we had got solved in a day or two typically. Responsiveness was huge!

Streamlining online orders

After months of looking for a platform to take online orders with, Affordable Roll-Offs found one that also integrated with its inventory data. EZRentOut’s webstore feature put their entire fleet online and enabled customers to order dumpsters at their convenience.

Tracking key metrics

Keeping an eye on important KPIs is crucial for any startup, just as it was for Affordable Roll-Offs. EZRentOut’s advanced dashboard provided relevant tracking metrics for the company. Moreover, the customizability that the Dashboard offered was another win for Abarca.

The future with EZRentOut

With EZRentOut’s support, Abarca sees Affordable Roll-Offs heading in the right direction. As the company gears up for expansion, Abarca rest assured that EZRentOut will continue to provide the same impeccable management and support it does now. The company especially cannot wait to use the Multi-store Listing as it grows! In the end, Abarca put it best when he said:

“Investing time, energy, and resources in EZRentOut just felt right.”

Affordable Roll-Offs


  • Dumpster Rental


  • Denver, Colorado, United States


  • Affordable Roll-Offs

Using Since

  • 2016

Key Challenges

  • Manual tracking system
  • Lack of consolidation
  • Time-consuming processes

Biggest Wins

  • Stream for online orders
  • Tracking key metrics
  • Improved equipment uptime

Favorite Features

  • Alerts module
  • Rental coupons
  • Multi-store listings

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