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Case Study

Copperstate Equipment & Repair LLC Saves Multiple Hours Weekly with EZRentOut

Case Study: Copperstate Equipment & Repair LLC - construction equipment rental

Copperstate Equipment & Repair LLC is an Arizona-based construction equipment rental business owned by Heather A. Hollenbeck and her husband. It repairs, sells, and rents construction equipment and vehicles to construction crews, small businesses, and DIYers.

Heather states that she is happy to conduct business with reliable customers, and her company is always willing to help whoever they can. Their customers are split between homeowners and small construction contractors that rent out equipment from them.

The Copperstate Equipment’s high-value assets are mini excavators. These are rented out for digging trenches and getting into smaller areas that are unreachable with backhoes. Their most popular rental equipment is a mini excavator that comes with an auger attachment. It is frequently rented out to dig post holes.  

Copperstate Equipment & Repair LLC saves hours weekly with EZRentOut

Copperstate Equipment & Repair LLC - important stats

Heather exclaims that a typical workday for her is quite hectic. It involves daily workflows like renting out equipment, selling sheds, renting out U-Hauls, and lining up everything for her customers.

Using EZRentOut 60% of her workday every day has enabled her to streamline the rental operations. Since using the rental software, her company has saved multiple hours every week.

EZRentOut has optimized the equipment rental business’s day-to-day operations. Heather is satisfied with how renting out equipment is quick and easy. With the help of EZRentOut, she has set up her processes to work efficiently.  

“I’m still learning new parts of [the rental software] all the time. But on a day-to-day basis, it helps me track the rental side and the small engine repairs” 

Utilizing reporting to stay on top of construction equipment rental workflows

Copperstate Equipment & Repair LLC in action

Heather told EZRentOut that her favorite features in the intuitive rental software are orders, tax collection reports, and reporting in general.

For orders, she finds it easy to rent out and sell rentals via EZRentOut. Every morning, she lands directly on the Orders page to stay updated on which equipment is going out that day and which is due. The ease of tracking enables a quick overview of how her workday will pan out.

In the reporting module, she finds the tax collection reports helpful for her workflow. The option to create customized reports is a big win for her as well since it lets her analyze business metrics that are meaningful to her business.

The future with EZRentOut 

When starting Copperstate Equipment & Repair LLC, Heather researched online for rental software that will help their business optimize operations and increase revenue. She found EZRentOut on her own and its software capabilities aligned perfectly with her equipment rental business’ workflows.

Since then, she has been using EZRentOut. Heather states that they are satisfied with how it improves and helps them run their rental business.

“[EZRentOut is] easy to learn and [has] great customer service”

She’s willing to use the rental software to its fullest potential in the future. The EZRentOut customer service she rated 10/10 will be helping her every step of the way.

The collaborative future with EZRentOut will help Copperstate Equipment & Repair LLC achieve greater success and trust with its customers.

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  • Construction Equipment


  • Williams, Arizona, United States


Using Since

  • Mid 2023

Key Challenges

  • Keeping every rental operation centralized digitally

  • Taking rentals, invoices, and reports online

Biggest Wins

  • Freeing up multiple hours every week to focus on core business

  • Streamlining day-to-day rental operations

  • Tracking rentals, repairs, and invoices in one software

Favorite Features

  • Ease in creating and renting out orders

  • Overview and accountability in tax collection reports

  • Analysis of business metrics with custom reports

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