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Asset Intelligence and Management

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Case Study

Lueder Construction Reduces Costs and Time on $50M+ Projects Using EZRentOut

Lueder Construction uses EZRentOut rental software

Lueder Construction is a construction equipment rental company that takes on projects across the US. The company is responsible for buildouts ranging from 5 million dollars up to 50 million dollars. Currently, the company has 20+ active projects with more in store for this year and the next. 

Lueder uses EZRentOut to rent out and provide equipment to their superintendents for all internal and external jobs. 

John Thompson is the warehouse manager who helps oversee all the jobs with the superintendents. He provides superintendents of all jobs with everything they need from tools and heavy equipment to materials. He manages their equipment needs from start to end.

Lueder Construction makes the switch to EZRentOut

The Omaha-based construction company started its equipment rental management on paper and tablets. They manually filled out and saved key information and handed it to the bookkeepers for tracking. 

Lueder needed a digital system to access and track equipment online. They wanted rental software that could generate customized and meaningful monthly reports for bookkeeping and billing.

At first, Lueder Construction operated using another rental software. The reports generated by this rental software were not as insightful as Lueder had hoped for. Its complex interface wasn’t user-friendly either. It made logging daily activities a nuisance. 

As their projects started getting bigger in scale, they felt the need to upgrade their equipment rental software. The goal was to take everything online and make every record and activity instantly accessible. 

Enter EZRentOut.

“The transition [to EZRentOut] was one of smoothest we’ve had. It was great”

Staying on top of high-value assets with EZRentOut

Lueder Construction happy using EZRentOut rental software

After making the switch to EZRentOut, Lueder Construction now manages all its assets seamlessly. They have high-value assets that they manage with EZRentOut. These include seven skid loaders worth half a million dollars, and 10k forklifts. 

The categorization of assets into assets, asset stocks, and inventory keeps it easy for John to stay informed about the high-dollar assets. He can instantly track high-value assets and know what is in use and where by simply printing out the report. The transparency in tracking helps the bookkeepers manage taxes at the end of the year.

Hitting a gold mine with reporting in EZRentOut

Lueder Construction feels like it hit a gold mine with EZRentOut’s ability to quickly view, track, and analyze where every asset, asset stock, and inventory is.

Every job the superintendents take on has its unique rental requirements. EZRentOut enables the warehouse manager to quickly view what is available to rent out. Any gaps can be instantly managed and scheduled to keep the core business running.

Lueder Construction uses utilization reports to make the most of its equipment rentals. It ensures accountability and transparency for all personnel who rent out equipment.

The future with EZRentOut 

Lueder Construction switched to EZRentOut as their scaled rental operations required better rental software. At the moment, the Nebraska-based construction company manages its projects via EZRentOut. These include projects that have booked them all through 2024 and the half of 2025 as well. EZRentOut currently fulfills all its construction equipment rental needs.

John is happy to share that one of the main reasons why they love EZRentOut is the proactive customer service they get. He can quickly get in touch with the support team to resolve any issue he may be facing or get help with setting up any new rental workflow.

“I’ve been very happy with the dependability [EZRentOut] offers”

Lueder Construction and EZRentOut foresee a collaborative future as they take on a fully booked 2024 and beyond.

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  • Construction Equipment


  • Omaha, Nebraska, United States


Using Since

  • Feb 2023

Key Challenges

  • Keeping track of every high-value asset

  • Reporting on the utilization of equipment

Biggest Wins

  • Freeing up labor, time, and money with EZRentOut

  • Keeping check on small and big pieces of equipment

Favorite Features

  • Instant access to insights and data with reports

  • Accountability of construction equipment in use

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