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Case Study

Pickle Props Shop Witnesses 86% New Customer Growth with EZRentOut

Pickle Props Shop - props equipment rental

Pickle Prop Shop is a film and commercial prop rental house based in Etobicoke that serves productions like TV shows, commercials, and music videos shot in Toronto.

The large warehouse owned by the business is managed by Megan Raso. She uses EZRentOut at Pickle Props Shop to track rental inventory and manage invoicing.

She added that since Pickle Props Shop started using EZRentOut, it has witnessed 86% new customer growth.

Pickle Props Shop in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

Streamlining daily business operations with EZRentOut

Megan states that using powerful rental software has made the day-to-day operations smooth for Pickle Props Shop. The warehouse serves as a centralized point for picking up and dropping off props and other items.

An easy 6-step process to rent out and return

  • Step 1
    The set dressing buyers come into the rental facility and browse through to find the props they need
  • Step 2
    They select the props for their TV show, music video, or commercial
  • Step 3
    These props are barcoded and scanned into EZRentOut
  • Step 4
    The order is packed with an invoice containing images and descriptions of all the props rented out
  • Step 5
    When the customers return the props, Pickle Props Shop scans everything back into EZRentOut
  • Step 6
    All the returned props are once again made available for rent within EZRentOut

Lamp props at Pickle Props Shop

Offering an intuitive journey and experience on the webstore

Megan highlighted that an ideal customer for Pickle Props Shop selects the props on their webstore and requests renting them out from there. Using the webstore allows them to provide a quick, precise, and user-friendly experience to their customers.

Their webstore, powered by EZRentout, generates 35% of their total rental orders. It helps them create efficient rental workflows for their props shop.

Pickle Props Shop significantly expands customer growth

Pickle Props Shop - important stats

Pickle Props Shop has witnessed 86% new customer growth since they inherited EZRentOut from the previous management.

The ease of tracking their props, catering to rental orders from the webstore, and making everything available quickly has played a vital role in this growth.

EZRentOut lets them stay on top of every customer and their rental orders to provide great customer service.

Props at Pickle Props Shop

Pickle Props Shop saves time in crucial business workflows

Megan states that EZRentOut helps them save a huge chunk of their valuable time. The efficiency of having photos next to item numbers on the invoices is beneficial for quick scanning and recall. The props rental shop also benefits from keeping track of rentals and quickly scanning props.

A centralized system to keep track of all their clients, customers, and businesses helps them save time every day. Since the props shop deals with multiple production companies, it is helpful to have them easily accessible.

Sometimes one parent production company may have multiple business contacts. The ability to link all of them to a single business (in their case a production company) in EZRentOut helps them build trust with their customers. It also helps the props shop pick up the conversation where it left off with that particular business contact.

“Keeping track of the rentals that go out, being able to quickly scan in items and have them out the door is super valuable” 

Different colored pillow props at Pickle Props Shop

Highlighting features from EZRentOut that work for Pickle Props Shop

Since Pickle Props Shop deals with huge production companies, its rental items are mostly returned in waves. The props shop praised the ability to partially return an order in EZRentOut to be highly beneficial and time-saving.

At the props shop, a certain prop may be available in different quantities with slight variations. The ability to duplicate these rental items and change the image and description is a huge plus for Pickle Props Shop.

The simplicity of the interface has helped the business have clear visibility of what they have in store, what has been rented out, and what props are returned. The minimalistic design reduces cognitive overload to help Pickle Props Shop make quicker, better, and more informed decisions.

Different colored book props at Pickle Props Shop

The future with EZRentOut 

Pickle Props Shop is happy with EZRentOut and rates its customer service ‘exceeding expectations’ with a rating of 10.

Megan foresees a bright collaborative future between EZRentOut and Pickle Props Shop.

“[EZRentOut has a] helpful support team that is always on call to meet your needs”

Pickle Props Shop - props rental business, powered by EZRentOut rental software


  • Props Rentals


  • Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada


Using Since

  • 2020

Key Challenges

  • Keeping track of props and other rental equipment

  • Inability to add photos of props for recordkeeping

Biggest Wins

  • 86% new customer growth with EZRentOut

  • Going paperless and becoming a centralized digital system

  • Ease in using EZRentOut and streamlining business operations

Favorite Features

  • Ability to add photos to rental items

  • Getting rental orders from the webstore

  • Utilizing different roles in EZRentOut

  • Online accessibility from any device, anywhere

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