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EZRentOut FAQS Customers Listing Page In Ezrentout

How can I view the list of Businesses and Business Contacts created in EZRentOut?

The EZRentOut Customers listing page enables you to easily navigate between Businesses, Business Contacts,  and Individual Customers.

To view the list of all Businesses and Business contacts, click on Customers from the side navigation bar.

This will open up the Customers listing page which is divided into Persons and Businesses tabs.


As shown in the overlay below,  you can mass “Import Businesses” into the system via an Excel sheet or create a new business by clicking the “Add Business” button.  


Once you have created a Business and added Business Contacts, it will automatically be added to the Business listing page. 

For example, you have created a business named George Construction. The Business Contact for this Business is Nick James. 

You can view Nick James as a contact in the Persons tab. Specifically, he will appear as a business contact. Business Contacts are distinguished from Individual contacts via the Customer Type column shown below. 


To view all Business Contacts, you can apply a filter on the Persons listing page. Click on the filter dropdown and choose “Business Contacts Only” as shown below:


You can view George Construction added as a Business on the Business listing page. 


Note: Nick James will also appear as a Primary Contract for George Construction on the Business listing page.