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EZRentOut FAQS Google Tag Manager Cookie Consent

Google Tag Manager and Cookie Consent

EZRentOut can help you manage cookie consent in more detail.

You can send or block data to Google Analytics or other third party tools based on user preference. This relates to three levels of consent:

  • Level 1: Visitor doesn’t want to be identified.
  • Level 2: Visitor can be identified and we can personalize his/her experience.
  • Level 3: Visitor can be identified and we can share his/her data with third parties.

We have added a variable named ‘cookieconsent’ to the cookies of the EZRentOut Webstore. You can use Google Tag Manager to fetch its value by creating a first party cookie variable. By default, its value is set to 1.

Consent for the Google Analytics Tag

  1. Create a first party cookie variable named ‘Cookie Consent Level’ that will store the value of ‘cookieconsent.’
  2. Create a custom HTML tag that will block a google analytics hit if the ‘Cookie Consent Level’ is 1.



 if ({{Cookie Consent Level}} === ‘1’)

{ window[‘ga-disable-{{UA 000000-0}}’] = true;}



After creating this tag, go to Universal Analytics Page View Tag -> Advanced Settings -> Tag Sequencing, and fire this custom HTML tag before the Universal Analytics Page View Tag.

If the value of the Cookie Consent Level (cookieconsent) remains 1, Google Tag Manager will not send a hit to Google Analytics. This implementation will ensure that a user will not be tracked unless they select 2 or 3 from the pop up.

Consent for Facebook Pixel and Other Third Party Tools

  1. Create a new page view trigger in Google Tag Manager. This will fire on pages where the ‘Cookie Consent Level’ is 3.
  2. Add this trigger to third party tags. This ensure that you’re only sending the hits of users who have agreed to being tracked by selecting option 3 within the pop up.

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