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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZRentOut FAQS How Do I Migrate From Combined Custom Tax In Ezr To A Tax Group In Quickbooks Online Qbo Xero

How do I migrate from combined custom tax in EZR to a tax group in QuickBooks Online (QBO)/Xero?

In order to map a custom tax in EZRentOut to a tax group in QBO/Xero, you’ll first need to combine custom taxes into a tax group in EZRentOut. For these settings to enable, Go to Settings → Company Settings → Tax Groups. Here click on Create New Tax Group. 

For e.g.: A tax group named : Custom tax GST/PST @ 11%

Drafted in EZR as:

Group name: GST/PST

Component Name = GST 5%

Component name =  PST 6% 


Total rate =                         11%