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EZRentOut FAQS How Do I Track Labor Delivery Service Or Technician Chargers In Orders

How do I track Labor, Delivery, Service or Technician Charges in Orders?

There are two ways you can set up such charges as part of an order:
– Set them up as inventory
– Enter the charges on the go

As Inventory:

  1. Add an inventory item for each charge e.g. an inventory items named ‘Labor’, ‘Delivery’ etc (Items → Inventory → Add Inventory)
  2. Setup the pricing in minimum units. For example:
    • Say you charge for Labor by the hour at a rate of $25. In this case, the Sale Price of inventory item will be $25 per unit (i.e. per hour)
    • Say you charge for Delivery at a rate of $4 per mile. The Sale Price for the inventory item to be $4 per unit (i.e per mile)
    • Say you charge for Delivery at a flat rate of $40. The Sale Price for inventory item will be $40 per unit
  3. The stock quantity can be set to a large number e.g. 100,000, sort of like an endless supply. Stock quantity can be added to the ‘initial stock quantity’ field when creating an inventory. Or by using the Add Stock button on the Inventory Detail page.
  4. Every time an order is placed, add charges as needed. For example, if the delivery transportation is 10 miles away, you can add the $4 per mile Inventory with a stock quantity of 10.

On the go:

  1. You can use the Free Text Rows in an order. You’ll first have to enabled Sub Renting from Settings → Add Ons. This enables you to add free text rows to an order that can be used to reflect delivery, technician, labor, or other charges.
  2. You can also use the Custom Entry on an order to record such charges. Use the ‘Custom Entry’ action button on the order page.