Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZRentOut FAQS I Need To Get A Bunch Of Qr Codeslabels Printed Beforehand Will Add Items To Ezrentout Later

I need to get a bunch of QR Codes/Labels printed beforehand. Will add items to EZRentOut later

There are two main scenarios that require printing the labels even before you add the relevant items to your account.

1. Commercial Printers who would print in bulk for you e.g. 1000 labels per order. Say you have 500 in your account but you need to add 500 later. You’d need 1000 labels anyway.
2. You have the estimate on how the assets look but you’d want to add items to your account on the go. For example, going to the warehouse and adding items to EZRentOut as you paste labels on them.

The QR Code of an item is a secure link (URL) to its details. So you need the item to exist to generate its QR Code. In this case, you’ll add placeholder assets.
1. Add an asset named ‘Placeholder’. Clone it to make more copies. You can make 25 copies in one go. Once you’ve entered these placeholders, they can be retired (Actions –> Retire) so that they don’t show up in normal usage
2. OR you can use the excel import. To import 500 Placeholders, use an excel sheet and fill a column that just says Placeholder. If you want them to be retired, have another column to say so. Here is an excel file that you can use (100 placeholders. Drag a row in excel to create more)
Placeholders Excel Sheet
As you add items, edit placeholders to fill in details and unretire them (Actions –> Activate when viewing retired assets. Or from asset detail page).
See how to export data for commercial printing.