Asset Intelligence and Management
Asset Intelligence and Management

I want to use my own serial numbers!

EZRentOut assigns an item # for every item that you add to your account (also referred to as asset # and inventory # depending upon the context). The first item that gets added is #1, second is #2 and so on.
We’ve also designed a special field called Identification Number (AIN) for businesses who have their own sequence numbers.
Some key features:
– AINs ensure that they’re unique for every item.
– You can type in @ followed by an AIN in the Search Bar to directly go to the details of the relevant item and then take necessary actions.
– AINs can be used for barcoding.
– Your item listing can be customized to show AIN instead of Item #
– Items are also referred by the AIN in the alert emails.
If you have more than one serial numbers to refer to an item, you can always add a custom field of type ‘Text’ (Items -> Custom Attribute). These custom attributes also appear in the search results.