Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZRentOut FAQS Identification Number

What is the Identification Number of an item?

You can also associate an Identification Number with every item for more personalized identification. The Identification Number field can be edited in the item details for each item. This is not a mandatory field, but is commonly used for the following functions:

  • Record your own unique serial number: EZRentOut assigns each item an Asset # (or Asset Stock # or Inventory #) as an identification tag. It auto-increments as you add items into your database, starting from Asset #1, then Asset #2 and so on. If you instead want more descriptive identifiers like CAR-001, MacBook-Air-49585, add in an Identification Number.
  • Link your existing barcodes: If you have existing barcodes, use the Identification Number field to link them with EZRentOut items. Say a Microscope has the barcode ABC123. You can set the Identification Number for this item to ABC123 to link it with the barcode. You can then use our mobile app or a barcode scanner to scan the Microscope to pull it up and take actions.
  • Create barcodes: You can print both QR codes and barcode labels. Barcodes are generated based on Identification Number. Make sure to edit/create a print label template that includes a barcode (More –> Print Label –> Add/Edit. Here, drag and drop the Barcode element onto the designing canvas). If an item doesn’t have an Identification Number, its barcode cannot be created.

Note: We also refer to Identification Number as AIN (Asset Identification Number)