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EZRentOut FAQS Park Ezrentout Account

How do I park my EZRentOut account?

EZRentOut offers to park your EZRentOut account in case you want to pause your rental operations for a duration. You will be charged a percentage of your payment plan to keep your data safe with us until you are ready to continue fully.

To park your EZRentOut account, you must be the account owner.

First, go to the BILLING section.

You can access it in two ways:

1. The Left Navigation Panel

01. Parking Account - Goto Account Owner - Click Billing

Go to your Avatar/Initials/Logo → Billing

2. The Settings on Top Navigation Panel

02. Parking Account - Goto Settings - Goto Billing

Go to Settings → BILLING

On the Billings page, scroll down to the bottom to ‘Park Account’.

03. Parking Account - Goto Park Account -Click Park this account

Click on ‘Park this account’

04. Parking Account - Share Feedback - Enter Password to confirm - Click Park Account

On the next screen, you will be requested to share your feedback. This feedback is meaningful for us to understand if there are any areas where we can assist you further.

After the feedback, the app will require you to reenter your EZRentOut account password to confirm that you want to park your account.

Once you confirm by entering your password, you will receive a confirmation email.

Your account will be parked starting the next billing cycle.

NOTE: You will be charged 15% of your current plan when you choose to park your account.