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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZRentOut FAQS Tracking Quickbooks Sub Customers In Ezrentout

Tracking QuickBooks Sub Customers in EZRentOut

QuickBooks has a feature called Sub Customers that is used for tracking multiple contacts for the same business (or even to track multiple projects for a customer). In EZRentOut, we recommend using the Business/Account field under ‘Customers’ to manage multiple contacts within a business. You can use both approaches; the steps for syncing Sub Customers in QuickBooks to EZR are given below:

1. First, create a sub customer in QuickBooks
2. Then create the customer in EZR AND update the ‘Display Name’ to be the same as the one in QuickBooks

And that’s it! It’ll sync the Order details appropriately.

Note: If you attempt to sync an Order in EZR with a customer that doesn’t exist in QuickBooks, it’ll be created as standard customer and not a sub customer, so you have to map the customer first following the above steps.