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Asset Intelligence and Management

EZRentOut FAQS What Types Of Alert Does A Customer Receive Via Email

What types of alert does a customer receive via email?

Following actions generate email alerts for the Customers:

Order Placed on Web Store*

Order Booked*

Order Rented Out*

Order Completed*

Order Payment Received*

Order Payment Pre-authorized*

Order Cancelled

Order Cancellation Request Rejected

Orders Due Today

Orders Due in — days

Orders Overdue

Bookings Starting Today

Bookings Starting Tomorrow

Bookings Starting in  — days

Order Booking Cancelled

* Order Printouts will be sent with these alerts. Note that this is only applicable when the email template is set to ‘Default’.

Learn More on Customer Alerts in EZRentOut.

Customized Email Alerts for Customers: An Account Owner/Admin can also customize the email templates for most of the alert types from More → Alerts → Click Customer Alerts tab → Choose an alert type e.g. Order Completed → Click ‘+’.



You can then customize the template for ‘Order Completed’ alerts. Insert placeholders containing dynamic data such as Order number, payable amount, discount, duration, and more. Learn more about customizing email templates.

Admins can also view, edit, activate/deactivate or customize email templates from the Alerts page → Click the Email templates button on the right → Choose Customer Templates → Click ‘Add New Template’ button on the left.