Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

The beta mobile app will not replace your existing EZRentOut mobile app yet. You can test it out alongside the old mobile app.

Mobile App

Try Out the EZRentOut Beta Mobile App

The EZRentOut Beta mobile app lets you manage your rentals on the go. Rent out and return orders, modify and scan items, manage bundles, vendors, customers, locations, and more, on your mobile device.
Navigate swiftly through workflows

Experience the enhanced navigation for quicker resolutions

Find relevant information quickly

Quickly find what you need, in your EZRentOut account

View and access items instantly

Gain centralized control over all assets, and other items

Manage orders anywhere, anytime

Easily tap to rent out and return orders on your mobile

Simplified Equipment Rental Management, On-the-Go!

The EZRentOut Beta mobile app now comes equipped with revamped workflows and additional features.
The beta mobile app includes:
  • Dashboard 
  • Item Center 
  • Scan Center 
  • Work Orders 
  • Customers (Persons & Businesses) 
  • Services 
  • Bundles 
  • Vendors 
  • Locations 
  • Mass Actions

NOTE: Please keep in mind that any modifications and additions carried out in the Beta version will be reflected in your original account, and in the old EZRentOut mobile app.

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