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6 Ways AV Rental Software Can Streamline Your Rental Workflows

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In an industry that revolves strongly around the movement of goods, it is very important that all your rental data is accessible from any location and device. This is why instant access is key for the AV industry, whether you’re taking orders or shipping items from a warehouse. You also need to know the status of all your audio visual equipment. This includes details on items in stock, items due for repair, and shelved inventory to maximize utilization. That’s where AV rental software comes in, streamlining every stage of the rental cycle and enabling you to deliver to your customers exactly what you promise.

Whether you own a camera rental business, or a shop renting out AV accessories, it is important that you know the best ways to maximize efficiency. Below, we highlight the benefits of moving from inefficient and outdated rental processes to one centralized rental platform in the form of audio visual rental software.

1. Know the status of your equipment at all times

av rental software equipment status

You can easily depend on the system to tell you whether the right kit is being checked out, what products are available for rent, and when are they due to be returned so you can easily plan future orders. With the powerful inventory management feature, you can cater to customers quickly by having access to all your audio visual equipment and their current status, all on one single platform. This is even more helpful when you know you can access all this detail straight from an equipment rental app.

An AV rental software allows you to view all stock levels, drill down into individual products to resolve shortfalls, generate product shortage alerts when creating future jobs, and use accessories to ensure all the right items go out together.

2. Keep everyone connected

The users tabs let you manage all aspects of your customer relationships by giving you a complete picture of your customer and colleague interactions. You will be able to access key client information like order history, chase or create activities, and open key attachments. In a centralized place, you can build relationships with your clients, users, and organizations. From the initial conversation to the final rental contracts, you not only document but get complete visibility into every interaction between you and your customers. Track all user actions with the av software and eventually improve customer satisfaction all while you grow your rental business!

3. Gain true business insight

You can gain meaningful insight into your valuable rental data by using a rental software. This helps you analyze your weaknesses, strengths and build a resilient rental business. You can understand changing business trends in order to make the right strategic decisions for your company in the long term. Let the AV rental software collect hard facts in an easy-to-understand dashboard, help you look deeper into your rental data, and enable you to focus on a strategy for growth.

The system also produces reports on different areas like audio visual equipment costs, operational data, asset utilization and rental trends. Powerful data visualization in the form of graphs and charts help you gain real-time insight into your business, and in a way that makes complete sense to beginners!

4. Provide customers with a flexible pricing system

In your audio visual rental business, you might rent your equipment based on hourly or daily rental rates. Whether you rent your AV gear for one week or two hours, it really doesn’t matter. AV rental software allows you to set your own rental rates and pricing. With the software solution, you can conveniently plug billing leakages and ensure your customers are being invoiced properly. As a matter of fact, you will never forget to bill a customer again!

AV rental software also allows you to bundle items together. AV equipment can come in the form of kits and the ability to bundle items like camera equipment and its accessories can really come in handy. Create multiple audio visual categories and subcategories for different types of equipment to facilitate renting for your customers.

5. Create customized quotes and proposals

av rental software features

You can use an automated rental platform to send out quotations, contracts, and invoices in no time. Never miss quoting additional charges to your customers and give them a clear cost break down every time. As you go on, you can easily make lasting first impressions by sending your clients engaging proposals and customized quotes. The audio visual rental software also comes with a range of functional document layouts for different stages of the rental cycle like the rental agreement, invoice or quote.

With the software, you can choose how little or how much information you want to show depending on your client preference. All it takes is a few taps to generate and send contracts, project-based quotes and invoices, letting your rental processes sail faster.

6. Feature a marketing and promotion system

Let’s face it. Your customers are hugely important to your success. Loyal customers or repeat customers are those who keep coming back to you for rentals. They increase your profits and generate positive word of mouth, pulling in more customers. Loyal customers should be the priority of any business looking to grow. 

You can create an engaging customer experience with the promotion and marketing feature of an AV rental software. This feature is loaded with ways to help you cash in on your best sources of business. Rental software can also be used to take advantage of referral business from other sources to generate new and repeat orders. Offer discount promotions to both existing and new customers and attract them with audio visual equipment bundles like professional photography packages, photo shoot bundles, etc.

Let AV rental software do all the work for you

Audio visual rental companies juggle the need for consistency, flexibility, and precision. An innovative AV rental software with its robust features can be a huge asset to them. You can become more proficient in delivering your AV gear at the right time and place, and in accordance with ever-changing customer needs – all while increasing your profits!

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