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EZRentOut Blogs Cherry Sprouts May 2015 Feature Release 2

Cherry Sprouts – May 2015 Feature Release

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Hope you’re enjoying the Peak Bloom this Spring and the colors it has spread all around. To make your EZRentOut experience more colorful, we’re releasing ‘Cherry Sprouts’. Here is what this month’s release has for you:


Best Rental Pricing: Do you want your customers to enjoy the best prices on rentals? Our Smart Algorithm finds the best possible price out of all the combinations and applies that to the order. Say a bike costs $10 per day, but $20 per week. For a 4 days rental, the customer is charged $20 (weekly rate) instead of $40 (daily rate). To get started, enable Best Pricing from Settings -> Add Ons.


Separate Rental and Billing Durations: Does your business have different rental and billing durations? For example, a customer uses rented items for 5 days, but it takes an extra day to ship them and another to bring them back to the warehouse. In such cases, you may want to charge your customer for 5 days duration but have the items unavailable for the week (2 extra days consumed in transportation). To get started, enable it from Settings -> Add Ons -> Flexible Billing Duration.


Add Comments to Orders & Customers: You can now add comments to Orders as well as Customers. Scroll to the end of the Orders or Customers page to view and add comments. Using comments, coordinate better with the staff and keep up to date. Maintain a log of activities related to Orders and Customers. Take notes to keep all records and never miss anything important. Comments will not be shown to customers.


Supercharged Tax Management: New Tax Settings have been introduced for flexibility. Customize which entries are included in tax and which are not e.g. damages are not included in tax but discounts are. Have a look at Company Settings -> Tax Details to see all options. On Order Detail Page, a green label with the price shows that it’s included in the tax calculation while a yellow shows it’s not.


Order Assignments: You can now assign orders to different Staff Users to track who is working on which orders. The Staff Users can also keep a tap on the orders that are their responsibility and know how efficiently they’re doing their job. Analytics can be run to gauge staff performance e.g. orders closed and revenue brought in by a particular Staff User (in a given duration). To get started, enable Order Assignments from Company Settings.


– EZRentOut transactions are now automatically synced with Xero/QuickBooks as you charge a payment.
– Login enabled customers can use Customer Portal to view their orders and pay online. Configure what they see from Settings -> Customer Settings.
– You can now add documents to Orders and Customers. Documents will not be shown to customers.
– Sub groups now appear in available columns and filter options in Custom Reports.


Upcoming Release – Summer Brew
Work on our next feature release ‘Summer Brew’ has started. Expected features in this release include:
– Upgraded Web Store experience
– Richer Bundles for flexible packaging and quick Rent Outs
– Recurring Orders
– Credit Card Swipe on Point of Sale

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