Asset Intelligence and Management

Asset Intelligence and Management

EZRentOut Blogs Education Rental Management Workflows

Whitepaper: Executing Education Rental Management Workflows

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This whitepaper discusses the difficulties prevalent in the education equipment rental industry, and how equipment rental software features designed for academic institutes can help you overcome them. We will also visit some education equipment rental workflows that are most used by EZRentOut Customers to improve Inventory and Order management.

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To read more, click our Whitepaper on Education Rental Management:

Or, you can first read about what to expect inside this Whitepaper!

Table of Contents:

  1. The Education Industry: An Overview
  2. Education Equipment Rental Challenges
  3. Automating Education Equipment Rentals
  4. EZRentOut Features for Education
  5. Executing Inventory Management Workflow
  6. Executing Late Fee Workflow
  7. Executing Auxiliary Rental Workflow
  8. The Value Added by EZRentOut
  9. Concluding Thoughts

About EZRentOut
EZRentOut is the leading Education rental management software that enables educational institutions and universities to track, control, and report on their equipment and Inventory with ease.

EZRentOut provides all the important features required by the education sector to eliminate inefficiencies and reduce expenses when it comes to equipment rentals. This helps them save time and resources so they can focus on the bigger picture – educating the minds of the nation.

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