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EZRentOut Blogs Ezrentout Feature Release Notes April 2024

EZRentOut Feature Release Notes – April 2024

EZRentOut Feature Release Notes April 2024
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EZRentOut has been enhanced with a few features that streamline your rental workflows for quick turnaround and increased efficiency.

You can track your assets in EZRentOut using third-party platforms. You can set separate duration dates for separate items within a single order. In addition, you can edit the shipping and billing details in different states of the Order for more flexibility.

We have enhanced the Square terminal workflows and Sage UK tax syncs for smoother integration with EZRentOut.

Here are the details:

1. Enabling location tracking for assets via API

With this location tracking for assets via API, you will be able to integrate third-party GPS devices and platforms to quickly track your assets within your EZRentOut account. It will benefit in ensuring efficient logistics and utilization of assets. It will also help in making quick decisions that save time and money.

2. Set separate rental and billing durations for line items within an Order

If you have items that are expected to be returned earlier than the Order return date, you can set separate rental and billing durations for the line items within that Order. This gives you the flexibility to stay on top of your Orders without creating separate Orders for each item.

3. Edit the shipping and billing section in different Order states

You can now edit the Bill To, Billing Address, Pickup Address, Drop Off Location, Ship To, and Shipping Address in the Rented Out, Returned, and Completed Orders. Enable ‘Edit Rented Out Orders’ in Company Settings to unlock this flexibility. It offers the convenience of editing information in case of manual or entry errors by staff or customers.

4. A note on tax syncs for Sage UK

Read the support blog for more information on which taxes, either order level or line item level, will not be allowed to sync with Sage UK. For instance, for line items including discounts where the system does not apply taxes, a Zero-Rated tax will be forwarded to Sage UK. Read further for clarification.

5. A few updates on the Square POS terminal

The Square POS terminal can now be easily and quickly connected to EZRentOut by generating a quick code and inputting it into the Square reader. You can add multiple Square terminals now in case you have Square POS terminals at more than one store.

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