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EZRentOut Blogs July 2018 Feature Release Notes 2

EZRentOut July 2018 Release Notes

This July, we bring you exciting new additions to the Webstore, as well as heavily requested enhancements to orders and billing. Here’s what we’ve got in store for you.

Customer Payment Terms

This Add On gives you greater managerial control over the payment details of an order. It allows you to define the date on which a payment is due from a customer, and triggers a warning alert for payments that are past their due date.

Charge a Late Fee on Overdue Items

This feature allows users to apply late fee charges to items not returned by their expected date of return. This encourages customers to return items on time, helping you avoid uncertainties.

Item Recommendation for Orders (Beta)

This feature uses artificial intel to highlight rental assets that are normally rented out together. These assets and inventory will be identified and recommended to users when they add an item to an Order.

Show Availability of Overdue Items

With this setting in EZRentOut, Overdue Items are treated as ‘Available’ by the system. This means you will be able to add them to an Order if you’ve checked the option for available assets, even though they are yet to be returned.

PayPal Payments on the Webstore

The option to pay through PayPal on the Webstore gives customers a wider range of payment options. This Add On redirects them to the PayPal website so they can complete their purchase there.

Setting Character Limits on the Listing Page

You can now truncate the length of columns by customizing their character limit. This will enable users to better organize data on listing pages, and help them view what’s important.

No Charge Days

Select the days for which you would like rent to be charged, and make the rest ‘No Charge Days’. This makes billing more convenient for businesses that do not operate 7 days a week.

Availability Calendar on Webstore

Look up an Item’s availability on the Webstore for smooth bookings, every time. Your customers can sift through different dates, and even use location filters to see where an item will be further down the road.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us a support@ezo.ioYou can also share your ideas on our regarding our equipment rental software in your email.

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